What to Look for in a Jeweller

When purchasing jewellery, it is essential to find a trustworthy jeweller. Whether you are buying a romantic engagement ring or an everyday silver necklace, you still need excellent service and an exquisite selection. Not all jewellers have what it takes. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to find your dream jeweller. Our team at Golden Tree Jewellers have put together a guide to help you make the right decision when searching for a jewellery store.

Positive Community Reputation

A jeweller relies upon its relationship with the community. Due to inferior diamonds that are sometimes circulated, customers need their jewellers to have integrity and repute, especially with appraisals. There are several methods to ensure that you are buying from a good company. The easiest way to learn about the business is to look them up on Google, Yelp, or TripAdvisor. See if they have a high rating and solid customer reviews; not everyone has the 4.9 out of 5 rating that Golden Tree has earned. Another way to gauge a company’s reputation is to see if they support local organizations. They will likely mention it on social media or on their website.

Do They Have a Luxurious Jewellery Selection?

You want to see a diverse variety of jewellery. Otherwise, you might not find the perfect engagement ring, necklace, or timepiece for your budget. It would be a true tragedy to pass the most suitable jewellery because the jeweller does not have it in stock. That’s why you should check their selection. Browse their website and see what brands they offer. Any jeweller worth going to has an elegant and simple-to-use website. If they do not, give them a call and ask about their selection. If they have the service you deserve, they want nothing more than to inform you about a few of the brands they offer.

Certified Professionals on Staff

Not everyone should be a jeweller. It takes knowledge, attention to detail, and a commitment to customer service. That’s why there are several organizations devoted to training gemologists, jewellers, goldsmiths, and horologists. This includes the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA), and other trade associations. Any jeweller worthy of your time employs at least a few skilled gemologists. This guarantees that all of the jewellery they sell is authentic and of high quality. You can learn about the staff’s training via their website or by phone call. No reputable jeweller would hide their certifications from you.

Discover Fine Jewellery at Golden Tree Jewellers

We offer a luxurious selection, certified professionals, and a high community reputation at our Golden Tree Jewellers showroom. From our multitude of designer brands to our professional jewellery repair, there is no jewellery service that we do not provide our customers and community. Contact us at (604) 530-7221 to speak with one of our excellent staff within our Langley jewellery store.