Loose Diamonds

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Your personal jewellery and engagement rings deserve nothing less than the perfect diamond. And when you're searching for that perfect diamond, you can be sure you'll find it at Golden Tree Jewellers. Featuring over 800 GIA-certified diamonds, you can be assured that the diamond you finally select, no matter the cut or clarity, will be the jewel of your dreams. The diamond search feature on the Golden Tree Jewellers allows you to explore the selection of sparkling diamonds that will be the ideal match for the settings on offer at our Langley, British Columbia showroom. The 360-degree rotation feature of the diamond search feature allows you to see every fiery facet of these stones from any angle. Additionally, the diamond search feature of our website provides a filter that allows you to isolate any feature of your diamond, including carat weight, clarity, color, and cut. The classic round-cut diamond is well-represented, but we also bring the following diamond shapes to our customers: Pear Princess Marquise Radiant Oval Heart Emerald Cushion Asscher

Benefits of Purchasing a Loose Diamond from Golden Tree Jewellers

Never again feel like you have to spend your money on someone else's terms. Choosing a loose diamond offered by Golden Tree Jewellers gives you the power to select the qualities that are most important to your color,carat, cut, among others without being limited by a preset diamond in certain engagement rings. Purchasing a loose diamond also gives you an added level of security before making a big-ticket purchase that might cost an entire paycheck! Some unscrupulous jewelers use preset center stones to hide flaws and inclusions behind the settings. Avoid flaws that might be apparent to the naked eye by seeing your diamond with the diamond search on the Golden Tree Jewellers website. The biggest Golden Tree Jewellers difference, though, comes from the guarantee that your choice of loose diamond will match your choice, your price point, and your tastes.

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If Golden Tree Jewellers hadn't established a strong reputation as the place to go for outstanding customer service we couldn't have won recognition sixteen years in a row as the "Best Jewellery Store" in our local community. Ours is a brand we've built on years of quality and trust, serving top-shelf jewellery to not only Langley, but also to the larger Vancouver area, Surrey, and Burnaby. Once you've purchased a loose diamond and engagement ring, don't hesitate to browse our other luxury offerings, such as wedding bands, fashion jewellery, and Swiss-quality timepieces. We showcase the bridal jewelry of Zeghani, Amden, Noam Carver, Hearts on Fire, CrownRing, and Tacori. Pair your new engagement ring with a brilliant wedding band! Feel comfortable knowing that when you purchase a loose diamond or new Marco Bicego fashion jewellery from Golden Tree Jewellers, you're buying from a member of your community: Golden Tree Jeweller is proud to sponsor eighteen local high school graduation scholarships, presenting a timepiece to the valedictorian of each graduating class to acknowledge our commitment to academic excellence. Loose diamonds, jewellery, or expert repairs no matter what you're looking for, the Golden Tree Jewellers experts are ready to provide the treatment you expect from a trustworthy, luxury jeweller in the heart of British Columbia.