Not all engagement rings are made equal. The 20th century was characterized by hundreds of new innovations that designers have reveled in. Here at Golden Tree Jewellers, we've been curating engagement ring fashion for decades, and our closeness to the thrumming heart of jewellery ingenuity has allowed us a unique perspective in viewing the way that designers are creating engagement ring settings. The setting is the central focus of any engagement ring, which gives it a place of prominence. If you're not familiar with engagement ring settings, let Golden Tree Jewellers give you a quick primer on what distinguishes them:


The solitaire engagement ring is perhaps the most iconic engagement ring setting, taking preeminence in the minds of women who imagine this particular piece of jewellery. The solitaire style yokes every filigree and detail in the metal to emphasize the beauty of the centre stone, the only gem in the ring. In an era of minimalism and artisanal chic, the tightly packed beauty of a solitaire ring is particularly welcome. And if you've selected a very unique or dazzling centre stone, you may appreciate a ring built entirely to show it off.


On the other end of the spectrum is the big, glitzy halo engagement ring. The halo style surrounds a centre stone with a hoop of precious metal and accompanying jewels. Most often, these stones are pave-set diamonds, but occasionally, a designer will utilize coloured stones. Sapphires, in particular, are a prominent feature of Art Deco design. If your diamond is on the smaller side, each level of a halo will add a visual carat of weight to the stone. Also, halos can come in a variety of shapes-Hearts on Fire in particular creates halos in the form of stars or flowers for customers' delight.


The side-stone engagement ring is, as the name implies, a ring that surrounds the centre stone with jewels along the shank. Since there are myriad ways to design an engagement ring's shank, the side-stone model is ideal for the woman who wants to browse a treasure trove of distinct designs. A cursory examination of the side-stone rings we offer here at Golden Tree Jewellers will show that princess-, round-, oval-, and baguette-cut diamonds can be used to create a different mood and method of accentuating the centre diamond.


Last, but not least, the three-stone engagement ring is a variant of the side-stone model. Rather than side stones of roughly equal size, two mid-size jewels are used to "frame" the centre diamond. Most of the same features that make side-stone rings lovely apply here, but the distinction comes from the two partner jewels: They can complement or contrast with the centre stone. The symbolic value of the three-stone ring is another plus of the setting style. Whether you want it to represent past-present-future or another "big three," this style can do it for you.

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