The Evolution of Watch Technology

Luxury timepieces have been symbols of refinement and class for millennia, serving as aesthetic and functional accessories. The development of the advanced and visually impeccable pieces we know today took place over centuries, and watchmaking technology is progressing by leaps and bounds. Whether you prefer a new, high-tech timepiece or a vintage-inspired piece that reflects the early styles of watches, you can find a variety of styles in our showroom at Golden Tree Jewellers.

Pocket Watches

With the rise of the 18th century came the development of the first timepiece: a small, handheld watch that fit into one’s pocket and was often worn on a chain. Though accuracy was somewhat limited, timepieces could tell the hour, the minute, and eventually the second. Over time, additional functions were added to these pieces, including stopwatches, moonphase indicators, and calendars. However, these were initially very expensive, and only the wealthy could afford them.

Wrist Watches

It has been said that the concept of wristwatches first arose from aviators and divers who strapped their pocket watches to their wrists for easier viewing. Around the 1910s, watchmakers started crafting luxury straps for these pieces to match the luxury of the watch itself. There is also a record of renowned watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet creating a wristwatch around 100 years prior and presenting it to the Queen of Naples.

Waterproof Watches

As wristwatches became more widely available, there arose a need for pieces better able to withstand the elements, namely moisture. Watchmakers began using bulky rubber gaskets to prevent shock and water damage. Rolex then developed their iconic Oyster watch that featured a screw-down case back and bezel almost entirely waterproof. Eventually, similar technology spread, and waterproof watches became easier to find.

Quartz Watches

Quartz was the first alternative to mechanical watches, powered by batteries and tuning forks rather than winding mechanisms. They were far more precise, reliable, and affordable than their mechanical counterparts. This development, however, nearly decimated the mechanical watch industry. By the end of the 1980s, quartz watches were some of the most sought-after accessories on the market.


Computers were melded with timepieces with the invention of the smartwatch. Today, these pieces can track the wearer’s heartbeat and activity, make phone calls, and send text messages and emails. They utilize radio signals to track things like the weather, sports scores, and stock prices. As the years go on, these watches continue to modernize, performing more complicated functions for the wearer.

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