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When it comes to jewellery, a bright, dazzling gemstone can make all the difference in a design. Certain stones may hold particular significance to people, be it their birthstone, favorite colour, or a reminder of a specific event. Fine jewellery designers enjoy using a variety of stones in a myriad of hues to create ethereal or bold effects within their collections. Unique colour combinations result in wonderfully versatile, whimsical, and expressive pieces. Our team at Golden Tree Jewellers has put together a guide to some of the gorgeous gemstones you will find in our showroom.



Apart from diamonds, emeralds are some of the most highly sought-after stones for their stunning shades of green and are the rarest gemstones in the world of jewellery. One of the four precious stones, these gorgeous gems range from darker hues of green to lighter shades and are considered the birthstone for May. These unique gemstones are graded more on their colour than their clarity with the more vivid greens being valued higher. Natural emeralds may be expensive, but their striking tones will be worth it. Lab-created emeralds are a more affordable way to incorporate these gorgeous green stones into your jewellery collection.



Although most commonly recognized as a deep blue stone, sapphires have a surprising range of shades, from blue to pink to white and many colours. These gems' elegant and sophisticated blues create fantastic details in bridal and fashion jewellery. Paired with white diamonds, the sapphires' depths ultimately make any piece more romantic. Those born in September are lucky to have this vibrant gemstone as their birthstone.



Fiery and full of life, rubies range from pinkish tones to deep crimson or scarlet reds. In the same family as sapphires, these gemstones are durable and have been beloved for centuries. Paired with yellow gold or silver-toned precious metals, these gemstones can create a romantic piece for someone you care about. People born in July will also appreciate a piece of jewellery featuring a ruby as it is their birthstone. The excitement and boldness that a beautiful ruby can add to a piece of luxury jewellery is a stunning representation of what gemstones can bring to luxury designs.



Lovely and charming amethysts are purple gemstones from the quartz family. Ranging from lighter shades to deeper hues, these gemstones add a feminine flair to fashion jewellery and make for wonderfully unique features in bridal rings. February babies enjoy this delightful gemstone as their birthstone. This semi-precious stone has been around for centuries, and those who want shades of purple in their style will adore wearing these beautiful stones daily or for special events.



One of the most versatile of semi-precious gemstones, topaz comes in many colours, making for intrinsically eye-catching accessories. Although not typically used in bridal jewellery, these stones could be added to engagement rings or wedding bands for a personalized touch. The most popular hues of topaz that are utilized in fine jewellery are blue, white, or amber tones, but they also can range through pinks and greens.



Naturally black, onyx brings depth and dynamism to whatever design they are added to. A form of chalcedony, the black form of onyx is the most commonly used, but green and white variations also find their way into gorgeous accessories. Those who appreciate darker colours or minimalistic designs will appreciate this gemstone for the bold attention yet versatile details they can provide.

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