Your Guide to Father's Day Gift Ideas from 5 Dad-Approved Brands

June 1st, 2019

Your Guide to Father’s Day Gift Ideas from 5 Dad-Approved Brands

Father's Day is that special time of year when we want to do best by the dads in our lives, showing them how much we appreciate their dedication and strong ethics. This is why it's important to get a gift that is comparable to the level of gratitude you have for them. Whether the dad you're getting a gift for is the father to your kids or your actual dad, you'll want to find something that matches both their personality and personal preferences.

At Golden Tree Jewellers, we understand how important it is to get the dad in your life a gift that truly fits. To help you find the best Father’s Day gift idea, here is our list of 5 Dad-approved brands:

Tacori Accessories

Tacori Accessories at Golden Tree Jewellers

As a family-owned business that started as a means of combining European flair with a Californian sensibility, Tacori continues to provide some of the best products available on the market. They're incredibly durable, elegant, and flexible for a variety of outfits. Their men's jewellery line is full of great ideas for the perfect Father's Day gift -- whether you're interested in their men's rings, necklaces, or tie bars. In the event you need something that is more of an accessory, they also make incredible money clips!

Rado Watches

Rado Watches at Golden Tree Jewellers

Many men love fancy watches, but this doesn't mean that they want a watch that is so fragile they can only wear it on certain occasions. For many dads, matching elegance with versatility is important, making Rado watches a perfect option for a Father's Day gift. For example, their Diamaster line will allow the dad in your life to express a vintage sensibility while their Hyperchrome pieces are truly something futuristic.

Longines Watches

Longines Watches at Golden Tree Jewellers

If the dad in your life is someone who loves their sportswear, you should definitely consider getting them a watch that matches their passions. Longines watches are especially fit for this purpose, having a variety of heritage products ranging from their Elegance collections to their Sport collections. If dad would prefer something truly historical, their Watch Making Tradition collection is especially fitting!

Omega Watches

Omega Performances at Judge Raid

Some fathers prefer innovation over tradition, wanting products that show them what the future can be like as opposed to products that reflect the past. Omega watches are perfect for these aspirations, having a variety of different collections that are truly gorgeous. We love their Constellation and Seamaster collections, with both pulling off some seriously sleek looks!

Tag Heuer Watches

Sometimes the dad in your life doesn't need something for a business dinner. In fact, he might prefer something that is more casual and personal, retaining elegance while also being very special. For these situations, you can't really go wrong with a Tag Heuer watch, as they combine earthy designs with true beauty.

Find Father’s Day Gifts and More at Golden Tree Jewellers

Do you see a Father's Day gift idea you like on our list? Did anything specifically jump out at you as the perfect gift to give? Do you have any questions about the brands we spoke about in this post? Golden Tree Jewellers is always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have about the products we carry, so please get in touch!