When To Buy An Engagement Ring

January 15th, 2023

A man putting an engagement ring on a woman's finger with a French manicure

So, you’ve met the person you’re sure you want to spend the rest of your life with, so now it's time to buy the engagement ring. However, knowing when it’s the right time to purchase or shop for the ring can feel daunting to some. How early is too early, and how late is too late? Our team at Golden Tree Jewellers has put together a guide to discerning the best time to pull the trigger on this momentous purchase.

After the Marriage Discussion

There comes a point in many relationships when casual dating becomes more serious, and you begin to think about the rest of your lives together. At this point, it's imperative to have a conversation to ascertain whether you’re on the same page. If you both conclude that marriage is on the horizon and you would be happy for it to happen soon, you’re at the perfect moment in your journey to begin the process of shopping for an engagement ring.

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Once You’ve Done the Research

Engagement rings are crafted to last a lifetime in form and beauty. Thus, they are typically crafted in high-quality, durable materials such as precious metals and diamonds. An engagement ring will likely be one of the more expensive jewellery purchases you’ll make in your lifetime.

To ensure you make an informed decision, you’ll want to do a bit of research into the jewellers near you. Find ones with a positive reputation that offer rings with all the qualities you want in a ring, especially if you have unusual tastes. Discover precious metals that would work best for your partner’s lifestyle and what sort of stone (if they don’t want a diamond) will retain its shape and beauty over time. Head to the jeweller once you feel comfortable with the amount of knowledge you’ve ascertained.

When You Feel You Understand What Type of Ring They Want

It's also essential to study your partner’s particular style in jewellery and gauge whether or not they already know what type of engagement ring they want. If you aren’t as concerned about the element of surprise, you can always ask them directly, having them show you some photos of silhouettes and styles that have caught their eye. Or, you can be a bit stealthier, enlisting the help of family and friends to help you determine whether or not there are styles they prefer.

A woman with an oval shaped halo engagement ring resting her hands on her partner’s hands

When You’ve Spoken To Their Family/Close Friends

Bring your partner’s closest friends and family in on the big moment. They would likely love to help you plan the proposal to ensure their loved one gets the engagement ring they’ve dreamed of. If your future fiance values having their loved ones involved in their big moments in life, make sure you talk to each of them to make the big day even more special. Once you’ve done this and gleaned all their information, you can start shopping around.

When There is Enough Time To Have The Ring Customized

If you have a particular time in mind that you’d like to propose, you’ll need to leave time for the ring to be ready, especially if you’re having it customized in any way. For instance, if you want to propose on their birthday, anniversary, or a particular holiday, you’ll want to leave at least one month between your order date and your proposal date. Speak with your jeweller about timelines to determine when exactly you’ll need to make your purchase.

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Shop Engagement Rings at Golden Tree Jewellers

Allow us at Golden Tree Jewellers to provide you with the engagement ring of your partner’s dreams. Our Langley jewellery store is stocked with a truly impeccable selection of bridal jewellery from some of the most renowned designers in the world.

When you’ve determined that it’s the right time to begin your shopping process, it would be our pleasure to assist you in finding the ideal piece. Contact us today to request an appointment for a personalized consultation, or browse our inventory online at your convenience.