Trending Engagement Ring Collections in 2021

February 2nd, 2021

During the hunt for the perfect engagement ring, the process can feel like your traversing the unknown, but in an exciting way due to the endless number of styles to choose from. With multiple factors at play such as setting, designer, and diamond cut, it’s helpful to see what’s trending to help make your decision.

There are multiple influences, decisions, and choices to consider when making a once in a lifetime purchase. Golden Tree Jewellers is here to help you choose the ideal ring to compliment your eternal love story.

To begin your journey for the ultimate engagement ring, you will be thrilled to know our 2021 jewellery guide will assist you on your sensational journey to find a forever heirloom.

Hearts On Fire Engagement Ring

What’s better than rocking this Hearts on Fire Three Stone engagement ring? Absolutely nothing! Hearts on Fire gorgeously transform treasured 18K white and rose gold into a diamond-encrusted pedestal around the ring. It’s naturally a bold choice for brides looking for a show-stopping engagement ring.

Whether you want something that connects to your one-of-a-kind story or easily showcases the love you have for one another, the elements to this ring have the ability to completely romanticize your experience and create an heirloom that will last a lifetime.

Simply Tacori Engagement Ring

Are you interested in keeping your engagement ring traditional and slightly more sophisticated? Well, you can’t go wrong with choosing a solitaire-style ring, especially within the Simply Tacori collection. Solitaire rings never go out of style and they’re always a dazzling, eye-catching voice for many upcoming brides.

With its diamond-centric appearance, your engagement ring is guaranteed to become a mesmerizing piece in your jewellery collection. There’s nothing better than using trending styles to create a ring that not only represents your personal style but coincides with your everlasting love story as well.

Michael M Love Engagement Ring

Whether you're a more simplistic bride or just looking for something that’s of traditional fashion, this Michael M Love Engagement Ring is an absolute must-have for you. With its stunning matte band and rounded diamond, this ring is guaranteed to become an instant family heirloom.

For years solitaire style engagement rings have been one of the most popular designs on the jewellery market. That’s why you will not go wrong by selecting this absolutely stunning engagement ring to represent your own love story.

Delight Lady Di Engagement Ring

In contrast, this Delight Lady Di Engagement Ring is the perfect one-of-a-kind style for those interested in sporting a piece that’s unique to them. With its snowflake-like halo features, this ring is an up and coming trend as we dive deeper into the new year.

This ring is guaranteed to make an eye-catching statement to those around you and make brides everywhere wishing it was around their finger too. There’s no way you can pass up becoming an instant trendsetter with this stunning engagement ring.

Michael M Princess Engagement Ring

Do you want to feel like an absolute princess on your special day? With this Michael M Princess engagement ring, you’ll rise to royalty as you say “yes” to the person of your dreams.

This engagement ring features a beautifully-crafted 18K rose gold plating that showcases extravagant diamond detailing all the way around. As you sport this elegant ring, you’ll become an instant trendsetter to everyone around you.

Find Your 2021 Engagement Ring at Golden Tree Jewellers

The mission of finding the perfect engagement ring for you can be an intimidating process. At Golden Tree Jewellers, we’re dedicated to guiding our clients toward finding the ring of their dreams.

Golden Tree Jewellers features all of these trending styles and so much more to help you on your journey to finding the right engagement ring for you. There’s no way you can go wrong shopping with Golden Tree Jewellers today.