Tissot: Timeless, Sophisticated Watches for the Modern Man and Woman

March 4th, 2019

Tissot: Timeless, Sophisticated Watches for the Modern Man and Woman

Tissot exemplifies true Swiss luxury watches. Founded by Charles-F©licien Tissot and his son in 1853, Tissot has established itself as an innovative and master watchmaker. In 1853 they produced the world's first commercially-available pocket watch, including the ability to view two time zones. Since then, they've only continued to push the boundaries of watchmaking.

About Tissot

Recognized for its striking sport watch designs, Tissot produces some of the finest technical craftsmanship when it comes to luxury watch brands. In fact, it was acquired by the Swatch Group, a major player in the watch industry, in 1983 with the likes of other popular watch brands like Omega and Hamilton.

As a true watch innovator, Tissot released the world's first anti-magnetic watch in 1853. New inventions of the time threatened watch accuracy leading to the production of antimagnetic watches. Tissot is also well-known for its first-of-its-kind T-touch technology. T-touch enabled touch activation of the compass, barometer, and other features.

Tissot's inspiration comes from everywhere making for a brand that offers a little something for everyone. Whether you prefer elegant and simple or daring and statement-making, Tissot's collections provide enough range for every watch lover. From vintage to sporty, Tissot has it all.

Tissot's Heritage Runs Deep

Tissot Heritage Collection

Tissot's European roots are exemplified in its classically-inspired Heritage collection featuring technology built over 160 years. Get the best of the old and new world with Tissot's tribute to vintage designs and effortless style. Tissot's knack for innovation has made the Heritage collection a technical marvel.

For example, one Tissot automatic chronograph incorporates leather straps or milanese bands for a modern look. Tissot's “banana” watch takes inspiration by past designs and features a striking rectangular curved case that conforms to your wrist.

Flashy and Elegant

Tissot T-Gold Collection

The T-Gold collection for men evokes minimalism and sophistication in its golden-hued timepieces. The T-Gold case is crafted in classic gold or contemporary rose gold metals and offers wearers an antique-looking piece with state-of-the-art technology.

Whether you choose a jet black or pure white strap, the gold elicits prestige and elegance. Tissot's gold watch will never go out of style with its subtle and understated beauty while retaining a flashy glow. The T-Gold collection is the perfect collection for those that value the finer things in life.

Classic and Feminine

Tissot T-Classic Collection

For women, Tissot's T-Classic collection incorporates timeless and simplified design details. There's plenty of luxurious gold and stainless steel in the collection along with vintage Roman numerals and chic dials. Timeless design details will keep your Tissot watch in style for many years.

T-Classic watches feature a classic round dial, a finely polished metal case, and simple, but elegant band styles. Make a statement with an all-gold Tissot piece or showcase your boho-chic style with a comfortable leather band and stylized markings. You won't even notice you're wearing a work of art.

A Feminine Edge

Tissot T-Lady Collection

For a more feminine touch, turn to Tissot's T-Lady collection. For example, the Dressport watch features edgy dial details and floral designs on the band. Perhaps the T-Wave's ribbon-like dial design permeates throughout this collection to evoke glamor and style. The T-Lady Collection continues to innovate with its Flamingo watch featuring a slim band and contemporary dial design. The T-Lady Collection is all but drab with its classically-inspired styles.

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