Time for the Future

October 11th, 2017

Timepieces at Golden Tree Jewelers in Langley, BC

Time keeps on slipping into the future, as the song gs. But if that’s the case, how can you make sure that you’re staying on schedule? Golden Tree Jewellers is proud to offer a wide variety of Swiss-quality timepieces by the most respected chronographers in the watch industry.

Here we’re going to be showcasing a few of our favourite timepiece designers for the shopper in the market for a new watch. Whether your tastes lean towards the luxurious, the eclectic, or even the subtle and reserved, Golden Tree Jewellers carries the right watch for you!

Rado Switzerland

Rado Switzerland Available at Golden Tree Jewellers in Langley, BC

Rado Switzerland is often considered one of the finest luxury timepiece manufacturers today. Rado watches are constructed with traditional materials, but the company also takes pride in what they call high tech ceramics, which are made from a mix of tungsten and titanium carbide that had previously only been used in medical and air-and-space industries. Rado’s high tech ceramics have the benefit of being lightweight, body temperature-neutral, and highly scratch resistant.

Two of the above pieces, the Rado Diamaster R14129116 and the True Thinline R27956132 have bezels built with Rado’s magnificent high tech ceramic and are perfect for fashionable men. While the women’s rose gold plated stainless Coupole R22855923, is built with both beauty and durability in mind and features a glittering array of diamonds in lieu of numbers.


SEVENFRIDAY Timepieces Available at Golden Tree Jewellers in Langley, BC

It’s clear just from looking at the timepieces offered from SEVENFRIDAY that the company of Zürich-based chronographers is at the cutting edge of style. SEVENFRIDAY’s futuristic watches are ridiculously stylish, boasting iconic, square-shaped cases, brilliant colours (particularly in the case of the green P1-5), automatic movements, and even including in some of their timepieces an NFC technology chip for that’s compatible with the SEVENFRIDAY Android app.

Beyond the watches’ sleek aesthetic and pioneering technology, timepieces like the M2-2 and the M1-1 are durable. They are capable of resisting water pressure down to 30 meters, and are built of rugged stainless steel to survive any challenges their wearer might put them through.


Gucci Timepieces Available at Golden Tree Jewellers in Langley, BC

Another luxury timepiece designer we offer, Gucci is the first and last word in fashion, and Gucci jewellery and timepieces are no different. In many ways, the luxury of Gucci watches is indistinguishable from that of fine jewellery. For example, the champagne-coloured dial of the ladies Gucci YA112434 is a gorgeous accent to the cuff bracelet style of the watch, its golden richness, and the emblematic Gucci G logo emblazoned on the timepiece.

The Gucci YA134503, on the other hand, marries the strength of steel with a delicate, feminine design that wouldn’t be out of place at the finest dinner party or on the tennis court. Even the Gucci YA133208, with its more traditional look, has the brilliance expected from the chronographers and tastemakers at Gucci—a grooved black face and a playful wink to the G, as well as a classy leather band, speak to style and class.

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