Thinking of Tacori

September 13th, 2017

Traditionally, engagement rings have been a very practical affair: Men would offer a diamond solitaire as “insurance” policy that women could keep in case of their engagement being broken by a caddish fiancee. But times have changed, and the long practice of engagement rings being limited to diamond solitaires is now over. Modern times and tastes have led to an explosion of gorgeous new styles that better reflect the chic personality of the brides-to-be.

Golden Tree Jewellers is proud to be an authorized retailer of Tacori engagement rings, which are artisanally designed to be absolutely modern and absolutely gorgeous.

Intertwined Band

Tacori Dantela Engagement Rings at Golden Tree Jewellers

One of the more striking modern styles of engagement ring is the intertwined band—rather than a single, simple band of precious metal, the twisted band style typified in the above pieces from the Tacori Dantela collection weaves two delicate vines of metal to create a larger band. The woven look combines a feminine contour with the symbolism of two lives intertwining forever, making this style of band enchanting on multiple levels.

The above rings display how different cuts of diamond, in all their lustrous glory, can match with their respective band: The Tacori Dantela 2627ECLG contrasts a big, bold emerald cut diamond against the delicate ribbons of white gold around it, whereas the round cut Dantela 2627RDMD and princess cut Dantela 2627PRMD show how smaller diamonds can flow with the curves in this band design.

Exceptional Halos

Tacori Halo Engagement RIngs

Halo engagement rings take the traditional engagement ring style and glorifed it with a decorative and unique accessory around the centre stone. Tacori designs an assortment of halo engagement rings that play with the concept of the halo to masterful effect: The Tacori Starlit Engagement 306-25RD8 creates the appearance of circles within circles, with round side stones in the halo accentuating the round centre stone.

The RoyalT HT2652PR7PK, a playful piece in rose gold, captures a vintage Art Deco look and transports it to the modern world, while the Petite Crescent HT2556RD65 is one of Tacori’s most fascinating designs, setting baguette cut diamonds around a round centre stone to create an stunning display. This Petite Crescent ring demands a viewer’s full attention!

Colored Side Stones

Tacori Side Stone Diamond Rings at Golden Tree Jewellers

Colored side stones are a growing craze in modern engagement rings, and Tacori has taken advantage of oceanic blue sapphires to accentuate the centre diamonds in the above rings. The Tacori Simply Tacori 2518RD65 utilizes six wedge-shaped sapphires to create the illusion of petals gathered around a diamond heart, making for a jewelled flower blossoming from the ring finger of the woman wearing it.

On the other hand, the Dantela 2628RDSP puts more emphasis on the centre stone, the Cadillac-shaped sapphires on either side adding a splash of blue to a diamond’s inner fire. Any bride-to-be would be thrilled to receive either one.

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