The Sleek Elegance of Tacori Men’s Jewellery

July 1st, 2020

The Sleek Elegance of Tacori Men’s Jewellery

Men’s fashion jewellery is the hallmark of the fashion-forward man. Irrespective of traditional gender norms, men’s jewellery is versatile, sleek, and functional. Today’s leading jewellers are increasingly catering to the dapper gentleman who has an eye for beauty and style.

California-based Tacori is a beacon of innovative jewellery-making for both men and women. Tacori crafts exquisite rings, necklaces, bracelets, tie bars, cufflinks, and money clips for the modern man. Explore their men’s jewellery collection for a peek into artistic genius.

Behind the Tacori Legacy

Tacori has earned its keep through its countless breathtaking jewellery designs featuring its signature crescent silhouette detail. Side-by-side crescent shapes representing the top portion of a heart are artfully incorporated into every piece, from bracelets to necklaces and more.

Tacori’s greatness truly stands out with its range of fine and sustainably sourced gemstones. Each polished stone is guaranteed to be sourced from a conflict-free region. Adorn your ethically-sourced wardrobe with gemstones such as black onyx, London blue topaz, tiger iron, and sparkling diamonds.

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Men’s Rings

Tacori’s men’s fashion rings speak volumes with their larger-than-life and colourful gemstones, polished metals, and sharp details. Tacori’s cabochon gemstones forgo intricately cut facets for a more polished and refined look. Find cabochon gemstones in a variety of shapes and sizes.

For a more glamorous look, go with Tacori’s pavé diamond ring featuring a sparkling array of miniature diamonds. Tacori’s Monterey Roadster collection of fashion rings features racing-inspired design details that exude confidence and an edge.


Cufflinks are a crucial element to complete a dressy look. Tacori’s cufflink collections feature both minimalist and bold cufflink sets. Opt for a simple milgrain-detailed cufflink for a clean look. Choose a yellow gold and oval cabochon cufflink to create a look of your own.

Tacori features a wealth of cufflink styles to choose from. Unique marquise cufflinks fitted with brilliant diamonds provide you with an edgy accessory to wear with your eye-catching outfit at your next upscale event.


Tiebars are horizontal clips that keep your tie from flying all over the place. They can evoke professionalism and success. Tacori carries tiebars for the stylish man with a classic and sophisticated taste or ones with a bit more of an eccentric style.

Choose from Tacori’s sleek metal tie bar with subtle crescent details for your business or formal events. For personal functions where you can truly show off your quirky style, Tacori has tiebars featuring shimmering diamonds, cool racing lines, vented details, and conflict-free gemstones.

Money Clips

Avoid carrying a clunky wallet full of outdated business cards and opt for a sleeker and cleaner look with Tacori’s money clips. Choose from the racing lines money clips featuring a polished metal finish and the Tacori seal.


Men’s necklaces have always leaned a bit toward the minimalistic side. Tacori adds a splash of whimsy to these basic, but impactful jewellery accessories. The Monterey Roadster collection carries silver necklaces with a vintage car-inspired silver and black-hammered rhodium pendant.

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