Stylish and Sensible Jewellery Picks For Road Trips

June 15th, 2022

Certain types of jewellery do not travel well, such as pieces with dainty chains that may get tangled or damaged in your luggage or delicate gemstones that may get jostled loose from their setting on your trek. Our experts at Golden Tree Jewellers have put together a list of pieces that will easily stand up to the hustle and bustle of a road trip while still keeping you looking fashionable and polished.

Staple Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are ideal for taking on a trip for many reasons. They are stylistically versatile. If you would rather not keep up with multiple earrings for different looks, a pair of hoops can easily pair with a breezy brunch outfit, a dinner date ensemble, and everything in between. These earrings also typically feature simple clasps that will prevent you from worrying about delicate backings that might get lost.

Opt for a pair of minimal yet luxurious yellow gold hoop earrings, like this stunning pair from Roberto Coin that can easily be tucked into a pocket for safekeeping while not in use. It's an exquisite piece for everyday wear.

Durable Cuff Bracelets

Easily add a bit of sparkle to any outfit with a subtle cuff bracelet. The absence of dainty chains and intricate clasps makes this bracelet style perfect for on-the-go wear. You will not have to worry about a cuff bracelet getting tangled with other pieces or its links getting damaged in your bag as you travel.

This gold Lucia cuff from Marco Bicego is particularly perfect for a road trip because its textured surface will prevent the visibility of any scuffs the piece might incur on your adventure. The minimalist silhouette means you will not worry about any gemstones falling out and getting lost.

Precious Metal Statement Rings

Make a statement with your ring choices without having to tote a multitude of pieces around, risking them getting lost or damaged. Choose a bold and eye-catching piece incorporating elements like texture, mixed metals, and a dynamic silhouette. One or two impactful rings will be much more effective for a road trip than a myriad of simpler pieces.

Chunky Chain Necklaces

Necklaces are notorious for being difficult to transport. Dainty chains risk getting irreparably tangled in your bags as you go from place to place, especially if you have more than one. However, the larger the links, the less likely the necklace is to become knotted or damaged.

Chunky chain necklaces like this sterling silver Tacori necklace are trendy this summer. A singular necklace with large links can make as effective a statement as multiple layered necklaces could, without the hassle of transporting them.

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