Romance Your Love with These Sweet Jewellery Styles with Special Meaning

February 15th, 2022

Love is a special feeling that leads us to want to be with a special person forever. We enjoy spoiling the ones we love from time to time and a gift of jewellery with special meaning will be a memory they will look back on with fondness. Everyone has their own distinct style, and there are many styles of jewellery out there to choose from. Our experts at Golden Tree Jewellers have put together a guide of a few of our favourite sweet styles that will make for a romantic gift.

A Ring with a Story

The story behind a three stone ring is uniquely based on the couple’s past, present, and future together. Although the traditional style has the centre stone larger than the two stones on either side, some designers opt for three stones of all the same size to create a unified look. Diamonds of different cuts than the centre stone or gemstones to add some colourful vibrance have made their way into many of the top designer's collections.

Love Forever

A symbol that is at once recognizable is the infinity symbol. The horizontal figure 8 means without end, and, in jewellery, symbolizes that your relationship will stand the test of time forever. Designers utilize this symbol in engagement rings, pendant necklaces, earrings, and as a pattern to create beautiful bands.

For a married couple that has weathered many storms together and rejoiced in their victories, a ring like this Michael M fashion ring is a perfect celebration of your love. Give this ring with diamonds pave-set into the infinity symbol pattern going around the band as a thoughtful anniversary present.

Express Your Feelings with a Circle Pendant

Circles are a naturally occurring symbol that has always had meaning attached to it across several cultures around the world. Jewellery artifacts found going as far back as the 3rd millennium BCE had circular designs. From the life cycle to the idea of an unbroken commitment to your loved one, circles have much more meaning than their curved sides initially tell.

Stun your significant other with this gorgeous gold and diamond swirling circle pendant from the Hearts On Fire Optima collection. The three circles in one along with the sparkling beauty of the diamonds will be a fantastic piece for them to wear every day, and on special occasions.

Recognition for the Path Taken

Life can take you on various paths, and sometimes it is difficult to find your way. Recognition from a loved one after reaching a goal feels good, and even better when it comes with a piece of luxury jewellery. A journey necklace is a pendant with smaller to larger stones, generally in an “S” shape but often a more linear design, that shows that hard work and persistence will make every success that much sweeter.

This pendant in Tacori’s The Ivy Lane collection has a line of pavé-set diamonds in a thin marquise-shaped channel of sterling silver. Congratulate your loved one on a recent promotion with a piece of luxury.

Romantic Jewellery Styles at Golden Tree Jewellers

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