Necklace Styles That Make Excellent Valentine’s Day Gifts

January 15th, 2022

Gifts of jewellery are best suited for special occasions, and there are few days in the year more suited for lovers than Valentine's Day. This is your chance to stand out by choosing a piece that embodies her unique personality and radiates elegance.

Necklaces offer a wide range of versatility, imbuing her wardrobe with endless possibilities. The key is selecting a type that matches her style and mood. However, the world of luxury is vast and difficult to navigate without some guidance to get you started.

Shopping for jewellery is easier when you have a sense of what style to buy. Below our experts at Golden Tree Jewellers have put together a list of necklace styles perfect for Valentine's Day gifts.

A Day for Diamonds

Diamonds speak for themselves. Few gems compare in terms of clarity, brilliance, and fire. Diamonds do not simply shine; they elevate an ensemble to new heights of elegance. A diamond's radiance is hard to deny. Admire their lustre on a necklace that will make every outfit sparkle.

This Hearts On Fire Liliana Milgrain Diamond Bar Necklace features glistening 18k yellow gold. Golden circlets touch in a row with prong set diamonds offering an array of unparalleled shine. Small beads of gold surround the prongs holding the stones, and adds a beautiful effect to the necklace.

Blinding Birthstones

Birthstones give necklaces a sense of individuality and charm. Many birthstones carry unique properties that give the wearer an aura of mysticism. These necklaces are ideal for those who appreciate the spiritual aspect of gemstones and desire a distinct type of lustre. As the birthstone of February, an Amethyst pendant makes an excellent Valentine’s Day gift.

Other popular gemstones include garnet, peridot, sapphire, and emerald.

Golden Roses

Russian jeweller Carl Faberge, known for his vibrant collection of coveted Faberge eggs, was the first to use rose gold in jewellery. In the United States, rose gold surged in popularity during the roaring 20s, characterized by opulent and refined designs. Today, it has reemerged as a popular hue among designers.

Rose gold is at once elegant and romantic. Pave-set diamonds offer a look of unabashed radiance.

Love Motifs

Hearts are the universal symbol of love and affection. It's no wonder jewellers have been crafting precious metals into heart-shaped jewellery for hundreds of years. Heart pendants and necklaces make stunning tokens as they remind us that we are loved and appreciated no matter where we find ourselves.

This Michael M Necklacefeatures a heart motif in classic 18k rose gold. Round diamonds in pave set over the entire pendant presents an illustrious elegance.

Perfect Valentine’s Day Jewellery at Golden Tree Jewellers

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