Mismatched Earrings: Switch it Up with This Matchless Jewelry Trend

July 2nd, 2018

Mismatched Earrings: Switch it Up with This Matchless Jewelry Trend

Meghan Markle is forever our royal muse when it comes to fashion – she always looks effortlessly classy and beautiful, whether dressed to the nines or out running errands day-to-day. We can honestly say she has not unveiled a single look that we haven't lived and died for.

In January, she stepped out onto the public stage sporting a style that has rocked our world to its very core.

Her unexpected move? Mismatched earrings.

So simple, yet so avant garde. Needless to say, once we got a taste, we just had to have more.

We know, it seems counter-intuitive – earrings come in pairs, and, naturally, are meant to be worn together symmetrically.

While normally we are ones who stand firmly by fashion convention, this season we challenge you to think outside the proverbial box and get creative with your favorite pieces. Why limit yourself to the obvious and pedestrian’

Double your pleasure; whether you're looking to bring new life to things you already own or start anew with fresh, trendy additions to your collection, mixing it up a bit is a surefire way to create a look that you won't find on anybody else.

Not sure how to put together a winning pair? Fear not. Our experts at Golden Tree Jewellers are so obsessed with this mismatched earrings concept right now, and we'd love to help you bring this look to life with the earrings you have on hand.

Choosing the Perfect Partners

There's a fine line to walk between looking fashion-forward and coming across as thrown-together and haphazard.

While Markle could probably wear a shiny penny in one ear and have a spoon hanging down from the other and still look fabulous, not all of us are quite so blessed. We're mortals; we have rules to follow. One thing I think we can all agree on: with mismatched earrings, coordination is key.

Having a common theme will prove vital in your quest for the perfect pairing; similar, yet different enough to make a statement. The general consensus here is that choosing two styles of the same precious metal composition seems to be a good foundation; more advanced fashionistas may be able to pull off the gold/silver thing, but to us, the common theme will tie the look together and give the two earrings something in common with one another.

Ditto for any other attributes the two types of earrings have in common, such as designer; not straying too far away from one another stylistically will give the look a much more “haute couture” feeling.

The earrings below from Marco Bicego's Africa Gold collection both keep to a similar style, so that neither of them look out of place together even though they are clearly different.

Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings at Golden Tree Jewellers

Another factor of determination when it comes to mismatched earrings would be how the two earrings differ. This is the important part – you want to frame the composition of your look, using the earrings as two bookends that guide the eye across the face.

One winning formula would definitely be utilizing one earring with some sort of visually striking aspect to it, such as a bright gemstone or intricate metalwork, while using the other ear to carry something a bit quieter, perhaps a tame hoop or stud.

Pear-Shaped Rings at Golden Tree Jewellers

For example, these studs from Tacori's The Ivy Lane collection fit perfectly with the Aerial Eclipse earrings from Hearts on Fire.

It's all about creating harmony, finding two partners that complement and highlight one anothers best aspects. The difference between the two is what allows them both to shine in a way that a traditional, symmetrical look simply wouldn't allow.

Our Promise to You

Fashion is a journey, and you don't have to make it alone. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to completely change your look.

As loyal lovers of all things sparkly and glamorous, we at Golden Tree Jewellers pride ourselves in our ability to shake up your own personal sense of style in the best way possible. Book an appointment with our staff today; in addition to our fine jewelry selections, we also offer repairs, customization, and flexible financing options that make our showcase accessible even to those on a budget. The Golden Tree promise ensures your satisfaction; our first priority is you.