Mido Watches: Luxury Timepieces with an Eye for Architecture

May 1st, 2019

Mido Watches: Luxury Timepieces with an Eye for Architecture

Founded in 1918, Mido hit the ground running with an exuberant eye turned toward crafting their jewelry after popular aesthetics of the era. Originally, Mido watches were designed to resemble the grilles of famous automobile brands, but as the decades passed, architecture became the primary focus of Mido collections. The Coliseum and the Great Wall of China, among others, were lovingly worked around Mido’s innovative movements and complications.

Here at Golden Tree Jewellers, we’re pleased to offer Mido watches to our customers, and we want to turn a spotlight on some of their most glorious collections:

Mido Ladies’ Baroncelli Collection

Mido Baroncelli Ladies' Watches

The Baroncelli line was inspired by the architecture of Greece and Rome: Echoes of cleanly-stuccoed arches and domes, stark pillars and marble statuary can be seen in Baroncelli watches. You can find a diamond-studded hour marker on a face whose numeral markers are pillar-like lines. Silky white mother of pearl adds a marble-like appearance to some of the timepieces of this collection, and all have smooth round bezels like the arch of the Pantheon.

And yet, Mido manages to pack each of their Baroncelli ladies’ watches, regardless of their aesthetic perfection, with automatic movements certified by the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomtres) for their amazing timekeeping ability, sapphire crystals with double sided anti-reflection treatment, and more.

Mido Men’s Baroncelli Collection

Mido Baroncelli Men's Watches

But don’t think that the Baroncelli men’s watches from Mido are any less impressive. Starting with the automatic movements that the Baroncelli line is famous for, Baroncelli men’s watches add refined Roman numerals to the face of the watch, and Mido manages to tie remarkable beauty to durability: PVD (physical vapor deposition) is a technological process that places a nanometer-thin layer of metal to the surface of the band and bezel. This doesn’t add weight, prevents corrosion, and adds a beautiful gold tone to the watch.

With water resistance down to 30 feet, these neoclassical timepieces are well-suited to be worn in nearly any condition.

Mido Multifort Collection

Mido Multifort Watches Collection

The Multifort collection of men’s watches from Mido has been designed to mirror the Sydney Harbour Bridge, famed for its toughness, granite parapets, and steel arches. The steel case and transparent caseback of Multifort watches really echo the technological virtuosity of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. These rugged timepieces add tachymeters, luminous hands, and water resistance down to 330 feet, which means that they’re supremely useful tools for a man whose lifestyle is spent in the wilderness or in the water.

But don’t think that robustness takes anything away from the exquisiteness of Mido’s designs. Sans serif numerals, minimalist bezels, and well-crafted leather bands all speak to the Swiss origins of these timepieces.

Mido Commander Collection

Mido Commander Watch Collection

Created in 1959 and inspired by the Eiffel Tower, the Commander collection from Mido is designed to be breathtaking in its elegance. One piece from the collection, for example, features a sunray-satin finish on its face, the purity of its brilliant colours and linework paired with white-tipped indices and hands that add to the exuberance of the look. Additionally, with a Milanese mesh bracelet, there’s an added layer of “cool” that adds to the look of a fashion-forward man. In all the Commander watches, the curve from bezel to band creates the illusion of the skyward-thrusting Tour d’Eiffel in Paris.

If you’re interested in the Mido timepieces we offer at Golden Tree Jewellers or any of our other brands, browse our watch finder, contact us at (604) 530-7221, or stop by our Langley, British Columbia showroom today!