Jewellery That Makes a Statement

July 15th, 2022

When putting together an eye-catching look, the right piece of jewellery is essential. Bold items that make a statement are fantastic to elevate a casual outfit or match a glamorous dress. Choosing the right accessory will allow you to fully express your individuality with boldness and confidence. Our experts at Golden Tree Jewellers have selected some of our favourite jewellery that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Diamond Hoops

Always a go-to style, hoop earrings imbue your looks with chicness. They have an iconic look guaranteed to accentuate even the most minimal of outfits. These types of earrings are beloved in their unadorned gold or silver splendour, but there is a whole world of different kinds of hoop earrings.

Sparkle into every room with these lovely Shy Creation diamond hoop earrings from their Eden collection. With diamonds then surrounded by halos of diamonds, these hoops are luxurious and beautiful for any situation.

Gemstone Bangle

Bangles are a timeless classic, with their straightforward design being the most ubiquitous. But they can be elevated in a variety of ways. Expressive gestures will be highlighted even more when wearing a stunning bracelet, like this Marco Bicego gold and gemstone cuff.

Multiple colourful gemstones are bezel set into warm yellow gold that will look wonderful with many of your outfits. The contrasting colours of the gems and stunning gold create a distinctive look that will certainly turn heads.

Bold Fashion Rings

A beautiful fashion ring can make a statement all by itself, such as this green onyx and quartz fashion ring by Tacori. The large gemstone is faceted to reflect light and the vibrant colour will be sure to garner attention.

Its exquisite colour combination of cool silver and vibrant green makes it a lively addition to any ensemble. This ring would be great by itself, or with other pieces of more subtle jewellery to balance out its boldness.

Extravagant Pendants

Necklaces give more details to your ensemble and are immediately noticeable. This necklace would complete a neutral outfit with more simplistic lines and no patterns so the textures of this necklace can stand out.

Buy Fashion Jewellery at Golden Tree Jewellers

Explore our incredible selection of fashion jewellery in our Golden Tree Jewellers showroom. With sought-after designers from around the world, we are sure our team can help you find the piece that will put the spotlight on you whenever you wear it.

Maintain the value and quality of your items with our professional team that takes care of jewellery repairs without fail. We dedicate ourselves to keeping Canada fashionable, whether with a romantic engagement ring or a pair of eccentric hoops. Visit our Langley jewellery store for excellent customer service along with exceptional products.