How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band to Match Your Engagement Ring

October 1st, 2018

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band to Match Your Engagement Ring

While they should never match exactly, your engagement ring and your wedding band definitely should complement each other and bring out each other’s best features. Neither one should overpower the other nor should either one be too minimalistic.

That's why at Golden Tree Jewellers, our classic wedding band styles are intended to be paired with elegant engagement rings of all materials and designs. But, how do you coordinate these symbols of love and commitment? Read on for some pointers.

Some Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Band for your Engagement Ring

If you have a modern engagement ring featuring an artsy, geometric shape, you should avoid flowery, heavily-decorated wedding bands. Not only do the styles clash, but the designs cancel each other out. Conversely, if you have a vintage engagement ring, with intricate, elaborate designs, you should go with a wedding band that features one of design elements of your engagement band, such as engraved roses.

If you have a solitary stone, whether a diamond or an alternative, you can simply pair it with a thin pave band adorned with smaller diamonds for extra glitz. However, if you already have a diamond-lined pave eternity band as your engagement ring, or an elaborate three-stoned or colored-stoned bauble, you should opt for a gem-free band to offset the sparkle of your engagement band.

Organic engagement rings featuring hammered metals should be paired with thin wedding bands of the same metal, creating a unique synergy. While anything with unusual or strange curvature should be paired with a wedding band with a similar shape so the stones will lie appropriately on your finger.

Wedding rings at Golden Tree Jewellers

Spotlight on some Wedding Band Styles Available at Golden Tree Jewellers

At Golden Tree Jewellers, we carry a plethora of gorgeous wedding bands in tons of fashionable and classic styles, including the simplistic Delight Lady Di Band, the Destiny Twist Diamond Band, and Enrichment Wedding Band. We also carry a wide variety of pave wedding bands, known for their side-by-side diamonds that create an endless luminosity. The thin, elegant Adoration Diamond Band and the elaborate, sparkly Atlantico Pave band are just a couple of the beautiful pave settings that you will find in our showroom.

For those of you that prefer channel wedding bands, we carry a wide variety of the traditional style, which features secured diamonds between two strands of precious metal, usually within the widest point of the ring’s circumference. The Eterne Milgrain Wedding Band is a classic example of the eternal beauty of this style. These are different than prong wedding bands, a setting used for larger diamonds that won’t properly fit in a channel or pave setting. These types of settings are optimal for anniversary upgrades. The larger stones require more metal to secure them in place. Our Acclaim Band and Destiny Diamond Band are shining examples of prong-style excellence.

We also carry eternity wedding bands to complement even the fanciest of engagement rings. This setting, also known as an infinity ring, contains a band of precious metal set with gemstones in a continuous, identical line, symbolizing a love that never ends. Our Coupled Eternity Band is a precious prototype of this unique design. We also carry a variety of diamond wedding bands in many other styles and settings, including the dainty Beloved Wedding Band, a classic example of sophistication and elegance.

Are you looking for the best wedding band for your engagement ring? Are you looking for high-quality craftsmanship and dedicated service? Call us at or come down to Golden Tree Jewellers today and our helpful staff will ensure that you have your perfect wedding band just in time for your special day.