Guide to Princess Cut Engagement Rings

February 16th, 2017

For some, buying engagement rings can be thrilling; it represents the culmination of a couple’s acquired love and the start of rest of their lives together. But for others, it can be understandably daunting.

Whatever the case, browsing among a retailer’s selections is a great way to start building some idea of the engagement ring styles and fashion that your beloved would enjoy. Here at your neighborhood Golden Tree Jewellers, we strive to make shopping for an engagement ring an enjoyable and anxiety-free experience!

History & Look of the Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The princess cut is a particularly versatile diamond cut. Princess cut diamonds take the shape of a square (equal on all sides), but on occasions will be slightly longer and appear somewhat rectangular. Among the various diamond cuts, including round brilliant, asscher, emerald, heart, oval, pear, and marquis, the princess cut is the second most popular cut for engagement rings, second only to the round brilliant cut.

princess cut engagement ring is a wonderful alternative to the more traditional round brilliant cut as it maintains a similar brilliance and sparkle, and because it retains more of its source diamond when being shaped it is typically an economical choice for young couples looking to save some money.

Versatility Meets Style

As one most versatile cuts for diamonds, the princess cut fits well in a variety of engagement ring settings and styles. This flexibility is why so many modern bridal jewellery designers, such as Tacori use princess cut diamonds in so many of their engagement ring pieces.

(Tacori’s Sculpted Crescent Engagement Ring featuring a solitaire diamond and milgrain band)


The solitaire engagement ring is a classic choice for modern brides-to-be. The setting calls for a single center diamond that is set into an engagement ring band.

By placing one stone at the center of the ring, the focus is immediately drawn to the center stone, really showcasing the cut’s elegant beauty.

(Tacori’s Classic Crescent princess cut featuring three-stones and pave sidestone settings)

2.Three Stone

The three stone setting is another fine choice for young couples. In this setting, th

ere are two, typically smaller, stones that set closely to the center diamond, and is a favorite engagement ring design among top designers like Tacori, Scott Kay, and Michael M.

Additionally, three stone engagement rings are thought to represent the symbolic shared “past, present, and future” of any loving couple.

(Tacori’s Blooming Beauties Engagement Ring featuring a multi-layered halo with a pave of round diamonds).

3.Halo Style

One of the favorite engagement ring styles among Golden Tree Jewellers customers, the ultra-chic, halo diamond setting features a center diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. This results in an increase of overall sparkle of the princess cut ring, and also makes the center diamond appear larger than it really is.

(Claude Thibaudeau Pure Perfection Engagement Ring featuring a princess cut diamond with a tension setting and a pave of round diamonds on a uniquely bold band)

4.Fascinating Peculiarities

Designers love to amaze with their unique approaches to engagement rings. The direction in which some designers take princess cut diamond engagement rings are too alluring to go unnoticed, such as the tension set engagement rings from the innovators at Claude Thibaudeau.

Ways to Shop!

Available today at our Langley, British Columbia, showroom, Golden Tree Jellewers is pleased to present a wide selection of princess cut engagement rings.

After perusing among your favorite princess cut engagement rings online, be sure to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our jewellery experts, call us at (604)530-7221, or stop in to our state-of-the-art Willowbrook Shopping Centre showroom browse for yourself today!