Gemstone Jewellery Perfect for Fall

September 15th, 2022

With the changing of the season, many of us will be trading in the bright, primary colours of summer for deep, warm hues, and jewel tones. We at Golden Tree Jewellers are proud to provide our customers with an extensive selection of designer gemstone jewellery to ensure that your collection is perfectly outfitted with eye-catching, seasonally fitting pieces. Express your unique style with some of our favourite fall pieces by celebrated fashion jewellery designers.

Earthy Quartz

Neutral earth tones are always prevalent in clothing and jewellery during the fall. Choose a versatile yet bold piece featuring deep brown quartz, for instance, for an accessory that will bring a bit of polish and sparkle to any look, whether you’re headed into the office or out on a date. A piece such as this quartz necklace from Tacori will become a staple in your autumn wardrobe.

Warm Rubies

Reminiscent of the fiery red of fall leaves and warm campfires, rubies are an ideal autumn gemstone. These exquisite stones have been cherished for centuries for their striking appearance and ability to evoke feelings of passion and love. Double down on the romantic themes with a pendant necklace like this ruby-studded heart from Gabriel & Co.

Striking Citrine

When it comes to dressing for the season, most people like to take cues from their surroundings. For instance, pastels are popular in the spring, mimicking the blooming flowers, while bright colours are popular in the summer, reminiscent of the bright sun and green grass. For fall, you may want to sport hues that mirror the colours of the changing leaves, for which the warm yellow-orange hue of citrine is perfect.

Deep Blue Topaz

Jewel tones are perfect for bringing a bit of seasonally-fitting colour into your autumn wardrobes as they are vibrant yet a bit more reserved than the bright hues of spring and summer. Opt for a piece featuring blue topaz for a mesmerizing effect. These London blue topaz earrings from Marco Bicego are enlivened with 18k yellow gold and will make an excellent addition to almost any fall look.

Enchanting Black Onyx

Once again, neutrals will always reign supreme in the fall months, and the king of all neutral tones is, of course, black. Black gemstones are unique in that they almost absorb rather than reflect light. An accessory featuring one of these truly captivating stones is sure to become a titular piece in your autumn wardrobe because of its ability to meld with almost any colour scheme and mood. For instance, this beautiful onyx ring from Tacori can accommodate any color. Its daring design is both subtle and eye-catching, making it a must-have if you favor a laid-back look with a touch of valiance.

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