Explore Gabriel & Co. Fashion Jewellery

August 10th, 2020

Gabriel & Co. was founded by brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel in 1989. With their talented team, they devoted themselves to creating gorgeous fine jewellery and to longevity which can only be accomplished through service and an eye for sustainability.

They offer truly unparalleled service, use exclusively ethically mined diamonds and gemstones, and incorporate recycled materials in all of their packaging. This all results in their visually captivating styles. See how the Gabriel & Co. fashion jewellery makes the cut.

Abstract to Modern Necklaces

The Kaslique collection brings focus to the elongated shapes in every piece. This collection’s sharp and structured edges contrast with smooth gold curves for a chic effect. Treasure the glimmer of the diamonds and pavé. The diamonds and pavé are set in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Many pieces are multi-metal, giving a unique shine.

The Art Moderne collection boasts complex and bold designs from the Gabriel & Co. fashion jewellery inventory. This collection features pieces with larger surface areas and undulating edges for a more dramatic look. Produced with materials you expect like gold and gemstones, a few pieces also integrate mother of pearl accents.

Playful Bracelets

Bujukan has been described as, “The Balinese act of persuasion achieved by a subtle wink, a gentle touch, that one perfect word … spoken in a whisper.” Gabriel & Co. reimagines that subtle, transfixing nature into the fine jewellery pieces from the Bujukan collection.

These pieces are characterized by handcrafted arcs of gold spheres, radiant mini-clusters of diamonds, and chains of perfect gold circles. A handful of fine jewellery pieces from this collection also features sapphire and amethyst diamond stations. This collection is perfect for the playful, sophisticated spirit who enjoys a radiant experience.

Fashion Rings: Charm and Free-form

Be charmed by the Lusso collection. The rings in this collection are intricate in structure. They overflow with pavé and feature dream-like curves. The interweaving patterns create the illusion of multiple bands. This collection uses all gold types, but prioritizes white gold producing a charming and opulent aura.

The Contemporary collection features a distinguished range of rings. Relishing its free-form, the rings include words, olive leaves, hearts, atypical geometric shapes, curving bands, gold spheres, with some drawing inspiration from building architecture, following functionalism and minimalism. A distinct piece of Gabriel & Co. fashion jewellery for the discerning person.

Classic to Art Deco Earrings

The Souviens collection from Gabriel & Co. exhibits classic, darling designs. Brimming with sterling silver, you can find earrings in every shape, size, texture, and style. Many of the earrings incorporate gemstone and diamond accents including mother of pearl, turquoise, purple jade, garnet, and black spinel. Explore this collection for the standards everyone needs in their jewellery box.

The earrings in the Art Moderne collection are designed with Art Deco in mind. The collection flaunts fanning designs, geometric shapes, and cascading drop earrings. It provides fashion drama you can relish, with mother of pearl, sapphire, and diamond pavé accents.

Gabriel & Co. Fashion Jewellery: Distinctive Designs

This brand’s fashion jewellery is unparalleled in design and beauty. With their elegant and distinct styles, you can find yourself in truly fashionable jewellery unlike anything else.

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