Engagement Ring Guide: Trending Diamond Shapes

December 5th, 2020

The center stone is the focal point of an engagement ring so the diamond shape will play a major role in determining the look and feel of your ring. Do you want a timeless classic? A rare stunner? A vintage charmer? Each diamond shape has a unique essence that should fit effortlessly with your personal style. When you wear something every day--it becomes a part of you.

We’ll cover the most popular diamond cuts and introduce unique shapes that are taking over the bridal world. Listen to your intuition and let us guide you through choosing a diamond shape that is right for you.

A Story as Old as Time: The Round Cut

The round cut diamond is timeless and for this reason, it is the most popular diamond shape. Remaining at the forefront of designs, 75% of all diamond engagement rings purchased feature a round diamond. This is something to consider when deciding on your ring.

If you are a fan of the classics and want an engagement ring that will never go out of style, the round cut engagement ring is an elegant choice. A round diamond is also a safe choice for a surprise proposal when a partner hasn’t given any inclination on what ring they might prefer.

However, if you want a trending diamond shape, a fresh and current take on the classics, there are other diamond cuts to consider.

An Enchanted Evening: The Princess Cut

The princess cut diamond is characterized by its uniquely modern square or rectangular shape. Peaking in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, the princess cut diamond is seeing a resurgence of popularity. The modern geometric design is irresistible and makes for a smart, beautiful look in 2020.

For a completely modern look, a princess cut pairs well with a band that also incorporates geometric designs. A square shape can be complemented by curved shanks, split shanks, or intertwining bands cradling the center stone in a halo of diamonds. Alternatively, imagine a princess cut engagement ring set with square pavé diamonds, emphasizing the glamor.

The Fairest in All the Land: The Oval Cut

The oval diamond is treasured for its romantic, distinctive design. The elongated shape features the largest surface area out of any other diamond cut, providing an outstanding sparkle. This is the perfect diamond shape for a woman who wants the brilliance of a round diamond, but the allure and beauty of a unique design.

Delicate and feminine, this diamond shape pairs well with curving lines and vintage details. A sculpted band or a diamond halo will add a luxurious, regal appeal. It is only natural to become instantly inspired by an oval cut engagement ring.

Forbidden Fruit: The Pear Cut

The pear shaped diamond is bold; personifying style and grace. This diamond shape, sometimes referred to as a teardrop diamond, unites the dazzling beauty of the round diamond with the sharp, distinctive style of the marquise.

This regal, distinguished design is for the woman whose spirit is adventurous yet poised. Reimagine this design with a sideways mount for a more daring look. Add pavé and split shanks for even more shine, the possibilities for a pear shaped engagement ring are endless.

Your Story is Just Beginning

You are now equipped with information on all of the trending diamond shapes! Have your imagination come to life with the extensive collection of diamond engagement rings at Golden Tree Jewellers.

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