Double Halo Engagement Rings: The Perfect Bridal Trend for Your Spring Proposal

April 1st, 2019

Double Halo Engagement Rings: The Perfect Bridal Trend for Your Spring Proposal

Planning on popping the question this spring? You asked for the seasonal engagement ring trend we're most excited about; the double halo engagement ring trend has got us fired up in the name of love.

Doubling Your Pleasure: Luxury Beyond Comparison

The concept behind the trend is self-explanatory enough traditionally, a halo engagement ring features a center stone backed up by a border of smaller diamonds. The look is lush and extravagant, enhancing the sparkle of the main attraction by many orders of magnitude. Halo engagement rings are difficult to resist in almost any context.

A double halo engagement ring features an additional round of accompanying stones along with the first, compounding the beauty of the main diamond with each additional carat factored in.

Golden Tree Jewellers Has Plenty to Offer When It Comes to Double Halo Engagement Rings

One thing is for certain: no matter what happens to be trending, our team at Golden Tree Jewellers is always in favor of a double halo engagement ring we've got plenty to recommend for those seeking the best this style has to offer any couple.

Noam Carver Double Halo Engagement Ring Collections

Noam Carver's rendition of this trend in 14k yellow gold has got to be one of our all-time favorites. The irresistible spirit of this piece plays perfectly into everything the trend has to offer, as does this selection featuring a marquise-cut center stone. For the bride seeking to maximize wow-factor, this piece from Noam Carver's Vintage collection is sure to satisfy with its classically-inspired burst of crystalline stones framing the central diamond.

Finding the Ultimate Double Halo Engagement Ring at Golden Tree Jewellers

Double the excitement your bridal jewellery brings to the table with a double halo engagement ring in our catalog from any of the exclusive designers we proudly include in our collection. To book an appointment with our engagement ring dream team, drop us a line on our website. Why settle for less when there's so much more to love at Golden Tree’