Dos and Don’ts: How to Stack Rings Like a Pro

February 15th, 2023

A redhead woman admiring two rings on her finger

Ring stacking is a popular trend within the fashion world and for good reason. Your styling possibilities are practically endless. Express your personality with delicate rings, chunky rings, minimalist styles, and bold styles. There are so many options for you to choose from to achieve the aesthetic you are looking to attain that sometimes this trend can feel overwhelming, or you may not know where to begin. Our experts at Golden Tree Jewellers have compiled a few smart tricks to help you get started stacking rings to fully express your personality.

A woman wearing multiple sterling silver and turquoise fashion rings running her hands through her hair

Don’t Accent Every Finger

With this trend, it is too easy to go overboard by accident. As a general rule, avoid wearing rings on all five fingers to prevent a cluttered look. Instead, leave at least one of your fingers undecorated on each hand. This creates a more balanced and cohesive look. You can even wear a statement ring, such as an ornate wishbone ring or criss cross ring, on a finger alone. Creating a balanced look is a process of trial and error, so experimenting is crucial. Play around with ring placement for a visually intricate aesthetic.

Don’t Buy Rings in All the Same Size

Most likely, each of your fingers are a different ring size. Even the corresponding finger on your other hand will have a different size. What fits like a glove on one finger but is too tight on another finger. This is important to keep in mind when you are testing ring placement. Visit your local jeweller to get an accurate size for each finger. From there, you can plan your perfect ring stack. If you plan to wear multiple rings on a finger, consider going up half a size for maximum comfort.

A person wearing multiple styles of rings across four fingers

Do Sport Gemstones

Gemstones are key to bringing some eye-catching colour into your ring stack. With a gemstone ring, you can upgrade a chic monochromatic outfit, add your birthstone as a personal touch, or simply don your favourite colour. These pieces bring a breath of fresh air to your ring collection, creating many possibilities for colourful combinations. Wear an understated gemstone ring, or spice things up and allow a statement gemstone ring to be the star of the show. Whatever your style preference, you are sure to turn heads by adding jewels to the mix.

Do Diversify the Thickness

For a bold, visually intricate look, wear rings of different thicknesses. Although some prefer a ring stack featuring all thin, dainty jewellery and others a ring stack with all bold pieces, instead, wear a mixture of thick and thin rings for the maximum impact. You could even choose one finger to sport a chunky fashion ring to make a balanced statement. This style is diverse and dramatic, as the mixture of thicknesses naturally draws the eye of all onlookers.

A person going through a file cabinet wearing multiple bold gemstone and band rings

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