Designer Spotlight: Rado Watch Collection

March 14th, 2018

The  Rado brand is recognized all over the world for their inventive style. Not only are their watches beautiful, but they are also highly functional using some of today’s highest form of technology today. Using some of the most durable materials around Rado watches are meant to be a watch for life.

From the beginning, Rado has been concerned with customer demands and set out to make a watch that their customers always wanted. Founded by the brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner in 1917 they slowly pushed the limits of watch and watchmaking technology to bring forth watches that would appeal to the desires of people all over the world. In fact, the first Rado collection was already water resistant and became a huge international hit.

Rado’s watchmaking methods involve the use of high-tech ceramic timepieces that are lightweight and comfortable. Originally used in the fields of medicine and aeronautics, Rado was able to change the world of watchmaking when it merged the high-tech world with the world of fashion through this ceramic technology. What started off as a glossy black Rado timepiece has evolved into a vast array of ceramic colors -- such as inaugural black, pure white, cool grey, gleaming plasma, and chocolate brown. The surfaces can be metallic or matte and can be crafted in many shades and colors offering a wide selection to choose from. In addition to its varied looks, Rado watches are typically hypoallergenic allowing even the most skin sensitive individuals to sport the look. Aside from that, the ceramic technology is also able to adapt to body temperature, which means the individual wearing it will never feel too hot or too cold. Their watches are built tough and are also scratch resistant, able to shield against daily usage.

Rado actually marketed themselves as ’the world’s first scratchproof watch for decades, and continue to try to set their brand apart by bringing new materials and technology onto the scene. An example of the brand challenging the norm is when they brought hard metal and sapphire crystal to the watchmaking world when no one else was doing it. 

Creating such collections as the minimalist Rado Diamaster featuring innovative case construction and edge-to-edge metalized sapphire crystal and the Rado Ceramica which integrated a watch case, bracelet, sapphire crystal and high-tech ceramic. The eSenza was one of the first watches designed without a crown and Rado V10K is made of high-tech diamonds. The HyperChrome Dual Timer had touch-controlled time zone swap functions. Rado continues to push aesthetic boundaries adding a chocolate colored design to the mix and going even slimmer in design. The True Thinline is measured at 5mm.

Golden Tree Jewellers proud to carry Rado watches, and is excited to bring their clients a designer line that is always thinking ahead. The Rado brand is all about serving and anticipating the customers’ needs, and is constantly reinventing themselves to do so. Golden Tree Jewellers has this same philosophy when it comes to serving their customers so it is with great pride that the store features Rado watches.