Common Watch Maintenance Myths

December 15th, 2022

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Ever since they were first invented in the 16th century, timepieces have mesmerized and impressed with their intricate machinery and complex design. From the miracle of the balance spring to the immense functionality of complications, watches are easy to love and appreciate. However, they do require occasional maintenance both at home and from a jeweller. The various myths and misconceptions about watch maintenance and upkeep can make it feel daunting. Our team at Golden Tree Jewellers are here to help to bring truth to those common misunderstandings about watches.

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Myth #1: Watch Winders are Essential

Automatic timepieces rely upon gravity to tick. Through a beautifully precise engineering marvel, they do not need charging or winding to work. Instead, they rely upon the wearer’s movement for power. People don’t typically wear their watch all the time, however, leading to the invention of watch winders. These devices rotate the watch constantly to keep them ticking precisely. Many watch enthusiasts and collectors swear by them.

In truth, a watch winder is not essential at all. Many assert that they can even hurt the watch in the long term due to constant stress on the piece.

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Myth #2: Watches Must Be Repaired By the Brand

Most watch brands offer factory repair. Since they created the watch, it stands to reason that they would know how to fix it best. However, that is not always the case for several reasons. Establishments like Golden Tree Jewellers employ skilled professionals to ensure that every watch receives the best of care.

First, note that factory repair can be quite expensive. They use all new parts and employ specialized watchmakers. Second, factory repair can be disastrous for antique timepieces, as the factory often swaps out old parts for new ones – even if they’re not broken. Lastly, factories may do extensive overhauls when only minor repairs are needed.

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Myth #3: Only Jewellers Can Clean Watches

While you can, and should, take your timepiece to a jeweller for occasional cleaning, it’s actually quite easy to do some routine cleaning at home. First, check if your watch is water-resistant. Antique watches are especially prone to water damage due to cracks in the crystal, even if they were initially designed to be waterproof. To clean your watch at home, you will need a soft toothbrush, some warm water, soap, and a microfiber cloth.

Fill a bowl with warm water and a little soap. Dip the toothbrush in the solution and scrub the watch, making sure to get into the piece’s nooks and crannies. If the watch is vulnerable to liquids, forgo the soapy water and do your best with the dry brush. It’s important to get a soft brush as more harsh ones can scratch the surface. Last, wipe it off with a microfiber cloth to dry any remaining water and detritus.

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Myth #4: Sapphire Crystals are Unbreakable

Sapphire crystal is the most desirable and high-end glass used in watches. This fantastic substance is very hard and difficult to scratch, making it an exceptional choice for luxury timepieces. Since it is advertised as scratchproof, some assume that you can do everything with these watches.

Sapphire crystals are, unfortunately, still breakable, so don’t do anything that would threaten regular glass with sapphire crystal. If the worst occurs and it breaks or cracks, you are more than welcome to take it to a professional jeweller like us for repair.

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