Colourful Gemstone Wedding Bands to Add to Your Bridal Stack

March 15th, 2022

There are many options to choose from when picking out the wedding band you will wear to display your love, from traditional unadorned gold bands to diamond accented rings. A growing favourite for many spouses-to-be are colourful gemstone wedding bands. These rings are vibrant and unique just like your personality. Unleash your style in your bridal stack for a truly beautiful aesthetic.

Black Diamonds

A bold take on a classic favourite, black diamonds have a deep brilliance as the light reflects off the darkened facets. These diamonds make wonderful accent stones and the black colour works well with platinum as well as with white, yellow, and rose gold.

A black diamond wedding band in rose gold provides beautifully luxurious contrast. If your love has an alternative fashion sense, a band with black diamonds may be the perfect addition.

Deep Blue

Sapphire's deep blue colour makes for wonderful accents in jewellery. A sapphire wedding band set in white gold or platinum will allow the colour to be fully vibrant. These rings are great for those who are not completely fond of traditional diamonds accenting their wedding ring, yet still desire traditional styling.

Rich Greens

Bright yet calming shades of green are perfect for those who enjoy being out in nature or simply love the colour green. There are a variety of gemstones in green hues that will be sure to stun as wedding bands. Emeralds and yellow gold work well with each other and will look stunning with your engagement ring.

Another fantastic green gemstone is tsavorite, which is part of the garnet family. Owning a tsavorite wedding band will stun as an anniversary band or with your engagement ring for an amazing bridal stack.

Passionate Pinks

Blushing tones of pink have long been relished in flowers, sunsets, and jewellery. Rose gold has made a resurgence with its pinkish glow, so it makes sense that pink gemstones are seeing a similar uptick in popularity. A pink sapphire ring detailed with yellow gold intricacies will be a lovely addition to your engagement ring.

Rosy Rubies

Add a fiery flash of luxury to your bridal stack with a ruby wedding band. Stones cut in interesting shapes like ovals or marquises going all the way around, creating an eternity band of flaming stones to represent your eternal love. Rubies are an ideal way to add some colour to your fashion jewellery, so why not include your bridal stack’

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