Chandelier Earrings: The Flashy Jewellery Trend Even the Royals are Getting Behind

January 7th, 2019

Chandelier Earrings: The Flashy Jewellery Trend Even the Royals are Getting Behind

One of the biggest trends of 2018, these stunning and eye catching earrings have been capturing the attention of the fashion world. Chandelier earrings are the trend of the winter, and add extra glam to your winter party outfits. This style has even been seen on royalty like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

You don't have to be a member of the royal family to wear this trend. This statement earring style is right in time for any winter holiday parties, from the office to your friend's party. These earrings can range from understated and classic to extravagant and glamorous. Adding sparkling diamonds and gemstones makes these already statement earrings even more distinctive.

Geometric Droplets

Tacori Sterling Silver Earrings

This sterling silver piece from Tacori puts a modern touch to the glamorous chandelier style. Diamond shaped silver charms linked together make these chandelier earrings unique and interesting. Aptly named the City Lights collection, this piece is artistic and cosmopolitan. These geometric earrings are perfect for a date night or an art gallery opening.

Cascading Gemstones

Marco Bicego Chandelier Earrings

Golden and sparkling, these Marco Bicego earrings embody the statement aspect of this trend. The gold chains on this piece hang delicately, ending in a stunning array of colorful gemstones. These earrings are luxurious and sure to impress, making them perfect for the formal winter parties of the season. The dangling gemstones shine and reflect light off of one another, adding some style to your evening look.

Sparkling and Architectural

Tacori Sparkling and Architectural Earrings

These earrings from Tacori are architectural in design, calling to mind cathedral style windows and grand, sweeping luxury. Diamonds accent every circular link, and the rose gold makes these trendy and stunning. Chunky and sophisticated at the same time, this pair of earrings is a bold take on the chandelier style. Pair these with a little black dress and you're dressed for any party.

Grecian Chandelier Earrings

Tacori Grecian Chandelier Earrings

These gilded and colorful earrings from Tacori are perfect for anyone who isn't afraid to make a statement. Turquoise gemstones are the key players in this piece, and the cushion cut makes them stand out all the more. Use these chandelier style earrings to be the most colorful in any room you need to be in. Impress your family or your friends at an intimate, close outing by showcasing these unique and interesting chandelier pieces.

Silver Strands

Tacori Silver Strand Chandelier Earrings

Delicate diamonds cascade down in a literal interpretation of the chandelier style. Sparkling strands descend from a diamond encrusted miniature chandelier, and these earrings would be best paired with some high heels on your most glamorous night out. Linked charms of diamonds make this Tacori piece a luxurious statement, fit for a royal.

Lilac Stones

Tacori Lilac Stones Earrings

Amethysts framed with sterling silver are clustered in floral groups that drop delicately from a single amethyst stone encircled in silver. These are perfect chandelier earrings for anyone with a feminine and modern sense of style. Ideal for a date night or night out with friends, this piece will brighten up any outfit.

Finding Chandelier Earrings at Golden Tree Jewellers

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