Best Jewels for Engagement Rings

April 15th, 2023

Close up image of a person’s ring finger adorned with an engagement ring featuring a light blue stone

While diamonds are the most popular gemstone for engagement rings, other colorful gemstones are available, too. The only defining aspect of an engagement ring is a prominent center stone and its romantic symbolism. Most gemstones can be set into ordinary settings (but speak to a jeweller to make sure). Here are a few of the many options you can consider.

A gold ring with a ruby center stone sitting on a red rose


Rubies are passionate, fiery-red gemstones. Ranging from pinkish-red to scarlet, rubies present themselves in a myriad of hues. They are the birthstone of July and are always intriguing. Their spectacular red color is romantic and regal. In addition to their mesmerizing hue, rubies are almost as durable as diamonds. They look extra glamorous when paired with yellow and rose gold. For those who seek a bold and unusual engagement ring, consider imbuing the piece with rubies. They’re not only extraordinary accent stones for diamonds but also eye-catching and lovely by themselves.

An oval cut sapphire sitting on a plain white surface with a white background


The most popular gemstone for engagement rings besides diamonds, sapphires offer a brilliant blue hue that complements diamonds and bright precious metals. They are the birthstone of September and are always elegant. This gemstone is particularly well-suited for engagement rings. Not only are sapphires beautiful, but they are also wonderfully strong. Reliable and elegant, they are perfectly suited to engagement rings. Synthetic, colorless sapphire is even used as glass for some high-end timepieces.

A gold ring being shaped, featuring an emerald center stone


Emeralds are verdant and lively. Their hue ranges from dark and deep green to a yellow-green lime. They are the birthstone of May, and are certain to capture attention. The only downside to emeralds is that they are relatively brittle, so care must be taken to ensure they don’t chip.

Close up image of a hand sitting atop another, wearing an oval cut diamond engagement ring


Diamonds are the birthstone of April and are peerlessly brilliant. Believe it or not, diamonds count as colorful gemstones. While diamonds are ideally colorless, almost all diamonds have a yellow-brown tint. Some are more deep and opaque than others. In fact, some diamonds are completely yellow, evoking an eccentric yet familiar chic. These are rare but look fantastic in engagement rings as center or accent stones. Other diamonds can sport delightful hues like blue and pink. These varieties are extremely rare and valuable. In fact, blue diamonds are the most expensive gemstone in the world.

A couple intertwining their pinkies, the woman wearing a silver diamond engagement ring

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