All About Omega: The 411 on Your Favourite (And Ours, Too!)

March 15th, 2020

All About Omega: The 411 on Your Favourite (And Ours, Too!)

One of the most frustrating parts about the world of fashion? Some people erroneously believe that only women deserve to feel beautiful. We find that there is a certain amount of social stigma associated with a man who cares “too much” about his looks. We could not disagree more with this sentiment - when you look good, you feel good. This principle, in our opinions, is absolutely universal.

Skipping right over the wonderful world of engagement rings, cufflinks, and other types of fashion jewellery designed to make a man feel like a man, we find that the art of creating the perfect timepiece for work, play, and everything in between to be one of the most challenging endeavors a brand can take upon its back. This is where Omega Watches enters the scene. As a legacy nearly two hundred years in the making, we find ourselves enamoured with their wares time and time again.

From Humble Beginnings to Greatness

Founded in 1848, Omega Watches is a company that has withstood the test of time. Its founding father, Louis Brandt, was a simple watchmaker before bringing his vision to life. Crafting his products locally and artisanally, the quality he was able to achieve consistently was later bolstered by his two sons, Louis-Paul and Cesar, and their ingenuity in advancing the means by which the watches were made. Their newly-efficient production line enabled them to become the veritable powerhouse they are today. They had found their footing as a superpower in the industry by the turn of the century, where they staked their claim in history and officially began branding themselves as Omega.

After the death of Louis and Cesar themselves, the reins were passed down to four young and hungry successors. Following in the footsteps of the brothers who had revolutionized the watch industry as it existed at the time, Omega grew rapidly, eventually even surpassing Rolex, their most powerful rival, becoming the king of Swiss watchmaking. They had earned their reputation worldwide both in the areas of aesthetic excellence as well as mechanical superiority.

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Some of Our Omega Favourites

One of the reasons Omega has developed such a vice grip on the industry: the sheer variety to be had in every single one of their collections. No matter what lies ahead for you, you can rest assured that you will always know what time it is, and you will always look good knowing it.

It would be criminal to not mention first their work in the world of sport watches. Durable, accurate, and primed to help you shine in your off-time, you cannot go wrong with anything they offer (Navy blue is very in right now, and there is so much here to see in this gorgeous springtime hue.).

Interested in polishing up for your next big evening on the town with that special somebody? Fear not - Omega’s selection of luxury watches will always be up to the task of making you and your favourite person look fabulous together (Does anything say “I love you” like a pair of coordinated watches? We think not.). The Constellation collection hearkens back to the days of olde, veiling dinner in the city in the intoxicating and unmistakable allure of a classic Hollywood film. Romance is never hard to come by with Omega.

Hungry for More? Help Us Help You.

Our jewellery store is jam-packed with everything you need to feel your best this spring. We welcome newlyweds and veterans alike to stop by our shop and take a peek at all we have to offer in Omega timepieces and the rest of the designers that we have stocked in our showcase; if you’re strapped for time, however, our online watch finder makes finding your heavenly match simple, convenient, and easier than ever. For watches, fashion jewellery, engagement rings, and more, Golden Tree Jewellers will never be surpassed in the greater Langley area.