Add Some Flair to Any Outfit with These 6 Chunky Chain Necklaces

September 3rd, 2018

 Add Some Flair to Any Outfit with These 6 Chunky Chain Necklaces

Fall is here! The seasons have changed, now it's time to get your wardrobe caught up to speed as well. There are several awesomely easy up and coming trends to follow for this fall's fashion. One of these trends is incorporating a chunky chain necklace into your outfit. Even when you are wearing the simplest piece adding this type of necklace can instantly take your outfit in a brand new direction.

Chunky Chain Necklaces How Do I Wear Them’

Tacori Classic Rock Necklace

Chunky chain necklaces are the perfect statement piece for your outfit. You can wear them alone and let their uniqueness shine through, or you can layer them up to present a totally different look. This necklace can be added to a nice dress to give the dress a classier look. This Classic Rock necklace by Tacori is the perfect example of that.

With its rose gold color, if you were to wear a black dress and accessorize with this stunning necklace, you would add a subtle touch of color from the rose gold, but also a different texture to the look since the chain is a chunkier one.

Even with a really casual outfit, like a simple long-sleeve tunic and a pair of leggings, would have a little bit more class with a chunky chain necklace. This Tacori Lilac Blossoms necklace would be the perfect addition to such an outfit.

The soft appearance of this chunky chain necklace would give just the right amount of flair without overpowering the outfit. It isn't too overly chunky either which is awesome if you're trying to stay on trend but not fully commit to the trend.

Statement Chain Necklaces

Marco Bicego Chunky Chain Necklace

There some necklaces that will be conversation starters and will turn heads, like this Marco Bicego II Cario necklace. This chain necklace will softly drape over your neck line to make any man weak to his knees. This layered look will add just the amount of sexiness to any low cut dress or top that you would want to wear to see your significant other.

This Classic Chain necklace by John Hardy is another great way to stay on trend this fall. This necklace is ever so simple. It has a really great color and would be awesome as a backup necklace if you are looking for a layered look. This necklace would turn into a statement piece if you were wearing a tube top or maybe a shirt that is worn off of the shoulder.

Finding Chain Necklaces at Golden Tree Jewellers

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