About Swiss Timepieces: Behind the Precision

May 1st, 2020

About Swiss Timepieces: Behind the Precision

Swiss-made timepieces remain the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking. From miniature watches reserved for nobility to the modern-day rugged iterations that can stand up to any environmental condition, Swiss timepieces have undergone a technical and stylistic evolution over time.

History 101: Swiss Timepieces

Swiss timepieces are more accessible than ever, but to make a wise purchasing decision, you must first understand the origin and elements of a Swiss-quality timepiece. Swiss craftsmanship has become synonymous with precision and innovation.

Swiss neutrality throughout history, especially the Reformation in Germany, put this tiny country in an enviable position. The country’s relative stability helped them rise through the ranks of traditional watchmaking when other countries couldn’t meet demand.

It wasn’t until 1971 that Switzerland legally defined what it takes to be ”Swiss Made.” A Swiss timepiece must be assembled, encased, and inspected in Switzerland. At least 60 percent of the timepiece’s manufacturing costs must be based in Switzerland.

Needless to say, Switzerland takes its watchmaking very seriously, and so should you if you’re looking to get an heirloom piece you can pass on for generations. Swiss-quality means your timepiece can last beyond a lifetime with the right maintenance.


Among the leading pack of watchmakers, Breitling stands at the front with a few other veterans. Since 1884, Breitling has been a family legacy that produces the highest quality chronographs. Explore exciting collections like the pilot-friendly Navitimer or Aviator collection.

The Navitimer made a big splash in the 1950s and 1960s with its incredibly useful navigation and timer functionalities. Since then, pilots and airlines have trusted Navitimer timepieces to reach their destination on time.

Breitling’s Avenger timepiece collection is rugged and ready for any adventure. The Avenger is shock resistant and meant to endure extreme conditions. Expect the best functionality and readability when you really need it.


Swiss luxury watchmaker, Omega, has been crafting superior timepieces since 1848 with no signs of letting up. Discover enthralling timepiece collections featuring impeccable mechanical movements you can trust.

Omega’s Constellation timepiece collection is the epitome of technical excellence and stylish refinement. Choose from brilliant and timeless designs characterized by its signature “griffes,” or claws and stunning dials.

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Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer’s history goes back to 1860. Edouard Heuer combined an avant-garde perspective, striking designs, and a commitment to precision to make one of the world’s greatest Swiss timepieces.

Tag Heuer’s Formula 1 timepiece collection can keep up with your busy and fast-paced lifestyle. Choose motor-inspired designs for men and women. Racing-inspired notches on the bezel are the signature in this collection

Explore land and sea with Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer timepiece collection inspired by the deep blue sea. Aquaracer timepieces have a 12-facet bezel and user-friendly, built-in riders.


Shop Tissot timepieces for men and women if you’re looking for quality and craftsmanship. Since 1853, Tissot has been at the forefront of timepiece innovation. Technical ingenuity and sleek styles represent Tissot.

Tissot’s Heritage timepiece collection celebrates the brand’s long history of excellence in watch-making. Wear a Heritage watch to feel a part of history. Its contemporary design appeals to vintage and modern design collectors.

Tissot has been the sports world’s favorite watchmaker. The Tissot T-Sport collection incorporates style and function, so you can wear your timeless accessory on and off the field.

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