6 Trendy Rose Gold Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride-to-Be

May 15th, 2019

6 Trendy Rose Gold Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride-to-Be

Originally called Russian gold in the 1900s due to it being popularized by members of the Russian aristocracy, rose gold has never stopped piquing the curiosity of women who want an alternative touch in their engagement rings. In modern times, rose gold has roared back to popularity thanks to its unique colour, feminine grace, and out-of-the-box aesthetic.

Here at Golden Tree Jewellers, we adore the luminosity of rose gold engagement rings, and we've taken the effort to cultivate a gorgeous selection of them from the top designers in the world of jewellery. Today, we're going to present some of our favourites for your delectation and perusal.

Noam Carver

Noam Carver has been won, among other awards, the National Jeweler Best Of, and the Centurion Designer Award, and the designer's blend of vintage style and contemporary cool shows why this is the case.

Noam Carver Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Two rose gold engagement rings from Noam Carver show how a similar design can be radically altered by a few simple changes: This Modern collection engagement ring features an oval-cut center stone set in a surprisingly bent split shank whose rich peachy colour, curves, and side stones accentuate the roundness of the center diamond.

Its sister in the Modern collection, this princess-cut rose gold engagement ring clearly echs the oval-cut ring, though the split shank comes to two points that frame the floating crown which tips a gorgeous princess-cut diamond on its side for a playful, contemporary look.


The Tacori Sculpted Crescent collection and Simply Tacori collections are examples of the beauty that can be derived from minimalism.

Tacori Sculpted Crescent Rose Gold Engagement Ring

This Sculpted Crescent engagement ring boasts textured scalloping in the 18k rose gold setting, its dainty texture mimicking the lenticular shape of the band. Alternatively, our Simply Tacori engagement ring here features a thin band of rose gold whose clean surface leads to a prominent set of prongs that hold a gorgeous round-cut diamond. Both pieces embrace the idea that the colour of rose gold is enough of a feature to accentuate the beauty of white diamonds.

Hearts on Fire

Hearts On Fire Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Last, but not least, we present a rose gold engagement ring from Hearts on Fire. Purveyor of the world's most perfectly cut diamond, Hearts on Fire adds a DIY, contemporary touch to this hexagonal engagement ring. A simple rose gold band leads to a six-sided halo glittering with the designer's signature round-cut diamonds surrounding a center stone. For the woman who wants a ring that reflects her quirky personality, you can't do better than Hearts on Fire.

If you're interested in the one-of-a-kind colour of rose gold engagement rings, don't hesitate to contact us here at Golden Tree Jewellers at (604) 530-7221, or stop by our Langley, British Columbia showroom today!