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Noam Carver Engagement Rings

Noam Carver Engagement Rings
Noam Carver Engagement Rings at Golden Tree Jewellers

Characteristics of Noam Carver Engagement Rings

Noam Carver creates some of the best, most intricate, and well designed engagement ring pieces in the business. Noam Carver prides themselves as being a designer that takes risks and bases designs off instinct. Designing in this way allows the master jewelers to create and offer unique and one-of-a-kind pieces made with quality product and care. At their design studio, they use 3D design and the latest in technologies in creating their pieces; this helps them create extreme detail and precision in their pieces. They combine their extensive knowledge with today’s newest technologies and their natural ability to craft and design and create unique and beautiful designs.

Popular Collections of Noam Carver Engagement Rings at Golden Tree Jewellers

We here at Golden Tree Jewelers offer seven different Noam Carver engagement ring collections. Their well-known collections include a variety of engagement rings and wedding bands for both men and women. The 3 Stone collection offers three stone rings with side stones and some set in a halo piece; all are offered in white gold. The Noam Carver Engagement Ring collection offers classic engagement ring designs. Many pieces are fitted to house a traditional round cut diamond.

The Floral Engagement Ring collection offers nature inspired pieces featuring a diamond flower cut. The Modern Engagement Ring collection utilizes some of today’s hottest designs and fashion trends. The rings in this collection are kept in a bezel setting. The Vintage Engagement collections offers rings made for callbacks to forever timeless designs and styles, bands and cuts that will always be in-style.

Why Shop at Golden Tree Jewellers?

We here at Golden Tree Jewellers not only offer all seven ring collections but we also offer top quality customer service and fine jewelry care. We are located in Langley, British Columbia in the Willowbrook Shopping Centre, near cities like Vancouver, Surrey and Burnaby. Serving customers in the fine jewelry business for over 30 years starting in 1980, we have been a retailer of many fine jewelry items: designer wedding bands, engagement rings, timepieces, fashion jewelry, as well as many other luxury-grade items. As a family-owned and operated business we take pride in being apart of our surrounding community as well, which is why we are the proud sponsors of eighteen local high school graduation scholarships.

For questions concerning products, hours, events, jewelry services or to make an appointment you can visit us a or give us a call at (604)-530-7221 for more information.
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