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The Beginner’s Guide to Diamond Certification

It goes without saying that there are as many different types of diamonds as there are people looking to buy them. Our crash course on diamond certification will help you sort through each type and allow you to find just the right one for you.

The Beginner’s Guide to Diamond Certification

Arguably, the most important aspect of any engagement ring or wedding band will inevitably be the diamond it boasts. Differentiating between the different qualities that determine a diamond’s worth is no small matter, however. Thankfully, the big boys in charge at Golden Tree Jewellers have got the task boiled down to a science.

Clarity? Color? Just what exactly is the difference between a G and H? You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

What Makes a Diamond Priceless?

Central to the widely-used “4 C’s” system of diamond classification are the four attributes of carat weight, clarity, color grade, and cut. These culminate into a roughly universal description of how a diamond will be valued on the open market.

Clarity, otherwise known as the level of imperfection found in a diamond, can be described both on a number scale or nominally from flawless to included. Color can range from colorless to fancy yellow – depending on the agency providing the certification, a number or letter score may also be applied, from 0.0 to 10.0 or from a D to a Z. Carat weight is self-explanatory: this is simply a measure of how much the stone weighs. The skillfulness with which the stone is cut will also be an important matter of consideration and will be rated on an ordinal scale or described as being somewhere between ideal and poor.

With each category comes a slew of sub-categories – the proportions between each aspect of the stone as well as symmetry will be lumped under cut, for example. Fluorescence, polish grade, and brilliance are other secondary considerations.

Diamond Certification at Golden Tree Jewellers

The Big Players in the Diamond Certification Game

The most-trusted authorities when it comes to diamond certification include The Gemological Institute of America The American Gem Society, The International Gemological Institute, Gemological Science International, and GemEx Systems Inc. If your potential investment is backed positively by any of these institutions, there’s a good chance that what you’re contending with is the real deal.

Notably, the GIA was one of the founding forces behind formalizing the 4Cs of diamond classification, making their word on the matter more than authoritative. They’re non-profit, meaning their work is focused on the art of the craft untainted by corporate greed. AGS is a group run by jewellers for jewellers; their ranks also include suppliers, appraisers, and retailers, as well. Their method of rating gemstones differs from that which is utilized by GIA but is no less reputable or objective. GES Inc. is also an important governing body, as their proprietary light performance rating system introduced in the late nineties is one that many make use of even today.

Diamond Certification at Golden Tree Jewellers

Those just getting into the diamond certification scene will find our online diamond selection portal very useful in their quest for the perfect stone – each part of the diamond rating system is carefully laid out, allowing you to pick and choose relevant filters to help you select a diamond with everything you need. We offer certified loose diamonds and our qualified team is able to unite you with the perfect one for your ring – our shop is conveniently located in the Willowbrook Shopping Center in Langley. Stop by today and see for yourself.

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