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Indulge in the Luxury of Marco Bicego’s Handmade Italian Jewellery

Experience another world of luxury with Marco Bicego’s signature jewellery line, inspired by his Italian roots and the surroundings of Africa. Read on to learn more about this one-of-a-kind brand!

Indulge in the Luxury of Marco Bicego’s Handmade Italian Jewellery

A luxury jewelry brand headquartered in Italy, Marco Bicego embodies both Italian mastery of fine jewelry and modern design. The brand was founded in 2000, inspired by the luxury and attention to detail of traditional Italian craftsmanship. Marco Bicego combines these classic values with contemporary design principles.

All of their pieces are made completely in-house, beginning with the smelting of high quality 18k gold. The next step is their signature hand-engraving technique, using a technique passed down to Bicego by his father. The chain is coiled and twisted using a style unique to the brand, completing the one-of-a-kind luxury characteristic of a Marco Bicego piece.

Brushed Luxury

The Jaipur collection puts the bulino engraving technique to good use in a dazzling collection of gold rings accented with round cut diamonds. This collection features bold brushed gold and diamond statement rings for the woman who enjoys luxury and making an impression. Stackable rings round out the Jaipur collection, sparkling with carefully selected colorful gemstones and a truly standout mother-of-pearl ring.

Dreamy Stones

Bicego designed this collection to be characterized by simple, organic shapes and a focus on dignified aquamarine stones. Drop earrings that give a dignified yet stylish feel accentuate the Lunaria collection by Marco Bicego. The woman with a romantic and dreamy sense of style is sure to appreciate the dangling natural shapes and muted blue gemstones of the earrings, necklaces, and bracelets of the collection. Lunaria evokes images of serene hills and shifting blue clouds, fading into twilight.

Bulino Beauty

The traditional bulino technique brushes large gold discs linked together in long, luxurious necklaces that speak to a unique and distinctive style. Inspired by the shapes and style of the beauty of Africa, the 18k gold is the main focus of this stunning collection. Multi-stranded bracelets and necklaces in this Bicego Africa Gold collection make it stand out in a crowd. These accessories are perfect for a woman who prefers geometric, monochrome pieces that evoke an international style.

Stranded Elegance

The 18k, hand-coiled gold chains that are a signature of the Bicego brand intermingle with round-cut diamonds. This collection features dangling earrings with tassels of gold chains and oval drop earrings shaped by the artisan gold. Understated golden hoop earrings are ideal for everyday, easy wear. The Bicego Il Cario stranded necklaces are perfect for a career-minded woman who wants to add distinguished style to her professional wardrobe.

Adorned Grace

This collection from the luxury brand is the very essence of classic femininity. Delicati, aptly named, is perfect for the woman whose style is fashionably dainty. Thin golden chains frame striking gemstones and gold pendants. Circular and rounded rectangular gold earring pendants dangle gracefully, and delicate bracelets are accented by interlocking golden rings.

Contemporary Perfection

Chunky shapes and contemporary design elements make this Bicego collection a true original. Multi-stranded bracelets with Bicego's signature brushed gold pendants and chains`provide the backdrop for stunning hand-selected stones on bracelets that are perfect for the woman with a contemporary style and a penchant for chunky, larger jewelry pieces. This collection highlights the brand's versatility, giving every woman an option for a luxurious piece by Bicego.

To learn more about Marco Bicego and the collections available at our showroom, get in touch with our staff or explore our website.

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