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How to Make the Layered Necklace Trend Your Own this Fall

The layered necklace is back in, and we think it’s about time you got in on all of the action. Double, triple, quadruple your pleasure with our favorite fall trend, back again from the grave.

How to Make the Layered Necklace Trend Your Own this Fall

With cuffing season in our sights and a PSL clutched tightly in both hands,we’re bundling up for fall and we don’t think our accessories should be left out of the fray. The layered necklace is a long-cherished favorite of everyone on our team, and with so many ways to take advantage of this fun and versatile style, we figured it would be a good idea to give you a quick run-down on the best way to make your mark this October.

What Style Should I Choose?

The hallmark characteristic of a layered necklace look has got to be the customization aspect. Whether you’re going out with the girls or simply need to add a bit of vibrance to your everyday ensemble, you are totally unlimited in what you’re able to do here.

You can begin in one of two ways: shopping your closet, or shopping ours. Let’s begin with the former: we’ve all got a very healthy collection of pieces that don’t see as much use as we would like. Layering necklaces is a great way to bring those old favorites back to life. You would be surprised at how the juxtaposition changes even very familiar friends.

Truly in need of something new? Not a problem - designers like Tacori, Zeghani, and Hearts on Fire offer an excellent selection of pieces that are very conducive to the layered necklace movement. Many of their pieces are simple, and the ones that aren’t make great standout centerpieces. More on that next.

Layered necklaces at Golden Tree Jewellers

Mixing and Matching

So, you’ve got your neutrals, you’ve got your bold and bright statement necklaces. What’s the best way to bring them all together in perfect harmony?

Balance is key. While you certainly don’t want to pile on every single necklace you own (that might get a bit heavy for some of us), you definitely shouldn’t shy away from making adventurous choices in what you decide to include.

The simpler and more delicate the necklaces, the more you can generally wear without overwhelming your outfit. Using such pieces to back up one of your most grandiose is our favorite way to style this trend.

Finding a common theme and choosing one type of precious metal to unite the overall design are great ways to find harmony. You can choose pieces of contrasting weight, length, and adornment to add movement and excitement.

Dressing Them Up and Down

Just like with any technique in fashion, you’ll want to wear necklaces fit for the occasion. Bright and flirty colors are great for brunch with the gals, but probably will be slightly less appropriate for, say, a wedding or other formal adventure. Your favorite diamond necklace will be perfect for outings such as these; combining it with more delicate chains is a surefire way to set the mood for the day.

The Art of the Layered Necklace, Exclusively from Golden Tree Jewellers

Ready for your next big move? This autumn, all we ask is that you pay Golden Tree a visit. We’ve got all the right stuff to make your October unforgettable - with hundreds of designer necklaces to choose from this season, fresh ideas are never in short supply when you decide to do business with our expert team. Make it your own. We’re right there with you.

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