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Giving Glitz: 4 Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Mother of the Bride

Giving the mother of the bride a gift that meets her tastes, has value enough to match hers, and fits with the wedding can be tough. Read our guide to find a treasure for your treasured mom-in-law!

Giving Glitz: 4 Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Mother of the Bride

Have you thought about what kind of wedding gift you’re going to get the mother of the bride—your new mother-in-law? We here at Golden Tree Jewellers definitely hope so! This lady’s gone out of her way to be one of the most prominent and valued members of your wedding, and she’s hopefully been an emotional rock for your lovely bride for her whole life.

If you’re planning to give the mother of the bride a beautiful gift as a way of showing your esteem, continue reading our guide to get some ideas about the jewellery you can get to match her personality:

The Nature-Loving Mama

Do you have a soon-to-be mother-in-law who spends all her time out in the woods, playing the role of the latter-day prairie novelist? You may choose a piece of jewellery she can take with her on her daily hikes.

Zeghani Fashion Ring

To that end, we suggest the Nature Lover collection from Zeghani. This collection has been specifically designed to mimic the natural beauty of the environment, taking its cues from vines, flowers, and leaves to craft unique fashion jewellery. This fashion ring is a slender band in 14k white gold, its small, fresh tendrils intertwining elegantly. The pave-set diamonds add the look of morning dew to this piece.

The Supportive Mama

Sometimes, the mother of the bride has always been her daughter’s biggest cheerleader. And more often than not, these women want to be a part of their daughter’s wedding without stealing any of the spotlight. But even if this mother of the bride wants to stay out of the scene, you want to show her you love her.

Tacori Lilac Blossoms Bracelet

So, get her a beautiful gemstone bracelet that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses and adds to the colour of the wedding! The Tacori Lilac Blossoms collection bracelet is rich with a waterfall of demure purple amethyst, its 5 strands of 925 sterling silver adding wonderful sparkle to your wonderful mother-in-law’s wrist.

The Subtle Mama

The subtle mother of the bride is one that wears black, keeps her sunglasses on, and channels the spirit of Parisian languor wherever she goes. This isn’t a lady who wears big, bold jewellery—instead, she prefers the minimalist chic of a single jewel or unadorned gold band.

Amden Jewelry Earrings

For this fashionista, pick these Amden Jewelry Seamless collection earrings. These stud earrings, as the name implies, feature a flawless pair of center diamonds, tightly surrounded by a halo of side stones. The effect is to create a look that dazzles without being too obtrusive.

The Lavish Mama

On the other hand, maybe the mother of the bride loves to make a splash wherever she goes. If your bride-to-be isn’t bothered by her mom’s big, bold aesthetic, you can embrace it with a necklace that’s as glorious as the perfectly manicured nails she wears.

Hearts on Fire Beloved Collection Necklace

If that’s the case, look to the Beloved collection necklace from Hearts on Fire. Designer of the “world’s most perfectly cut diamond,” HOF spared no expense to design this 18k white gold necklace. Stunning with its 13.75 carats of diamond arranged in flowers, this necklace is the ideal way of saying that your lady’s mother is worth nothing less than pure glamour.

If you’re interested in other gift ideas for the mother of the bride, don’t hesitate to contact us at Golden Tree Jewellers at (604) 530-7221, or visit our Langley, British Columbia showroom today!

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