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A Spotlight on Zeghani: Where Passion Meets Fashion

What do you wear when you’re a diva with a heart of 14k gold? You shop Zeghani, a designer whose artisanal brand is surpassed only by the love and care that goes into each piece they produce.

A Spotlight on Zeghani: Where Passion Meets Fashion

There’s a lot to love about Zeghani. As one of our most prized collaborators, we love putting them in the spotlight whenever possible. Catering to purveyors of fine goods in both the US and Canada, Zeghani has earned their place in the hearts of millions of fashionistas, ourselves very much included.

The Story Behind the Brand

Coming straight out of sunny Glendale, California, Zeghani began when two brothers conspired to take the world of fine jewelry by storm.

In the short time since the company’s conception in 2008, Zaven and Hratch Ghanimian have certainly come a long way. With thousands of satisfied customers behind them, they continue to delight us and all who are lucky enough to get a taste of their work. They are known for the high quality of their materials and design, both of which come together formidably with the low asking price attached to each piece. From engagement rings to wedding bands to irresistible diamond necklaces, they put 100% of themselves into everything they do.

A Little Bit of Something for Everybody

Our favorite part about the selection Zeghani offers our clientele: they carry six gorgeous collections under their label, each one tailored to a different sense of fashion. We love how inclusive their work is, and know you will, too.

The Vintage Vixen

If you love antiquing, sockhops, and everything pin-up, this is going to be your zone. Classic silhouettes meet contemporary convention in an overall look that will update your favorite thrift store finds swimmingly.

The Nature Lover

Those who really feel most at peace with the universe in the great outdoors will be delighted by these botanically-themed delights. Ranging from the minimal to the complex, from the anatomically-correct to the abstract, there is little Zeghani will leave you wanting for. Bohemians, divas, and down-to-Earth dames will all be able to find common ground here.

Zeghani jewellery at Golden Tree Jewellers

The Classic Beauty

What is there to be found here? Exactly what you’d expect - timeless takes on every essential under the sun. Delicate necklaces featuring interloping rings charm and intrigue, while elegant bangles show their fervent support from the sidelines. Perfect for the fashionista with integrity in her heart.

Blindingly Beautiful

If you’re known for turning heads in a crowded room, you’ll feel right at home here. Each bold piece is designed for a fierce and fearless spirit; chunky statement earrings in bold pastels, aquas, and indigos can be paired with the wide variety of fashion rings also found under this label.

Shop Zeghani and More with Us this October

We’ve just barely scratched the surface when it comes to Zeghani and their one-of-a-kind contribution to the world of fashion. If your curiosity has been aroused, there’s plenty to see here at Golden Tree, Langley’s number one source of all things fabulous.

To take a gander at our showcase first-hand, drop by or give us a ring - diamond wedding bands, solitaire engagement rings, if you want it, we’ve got it. Your next new favorite thing is a single consultation away.

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