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7 Halo Engagement Ring Designers You Need to Know

Finding the perfect engagement ring for your bride-to-be can be a stressful affair. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide on 7 of the best designers of halo engagement rings today. From Tacori to Michael M and more, these rings will have your fiancee impatiently waiting to walk down the aisle.

7 Halo Engagement Ring Designers You Need to Know

Halo engagement rings are characterized by a center stone surrounded by a frame of smaller stones. Halos can range in shape, size, and form. Some halos take the shape of flower petals, while others resemble teardrop shapes. For an added effect, double or triple halos offer engagement ring shoppers diamonds galore.

Take a look at popular halo engagement ring choices offered at Golden Tree Jewellers.

Amden Jewelry

Amden Jewelry halo rings often combine a hypnotic blend of colors. For example, the halo ring features stunning white diamonds on a highly polished yellow gold ring. For an extra splash of color and sparkle, go with the AJ-R9659, which is fitted with brilliant double halos. The AJ-R8308 ring features a whopping three halos with a radiant array of side stones on the halos and going half way down the band. Amden’s halo rings are designed to stand out among the traditional engagement ring designs.

Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire boasts a versatile collection of innovative halo engagement rings that’ll fit any style. Under the Lorelei collection, the floral engagement ring features a delicate floral halo frame around the center stone, as well as marquise shapes along the shank. You can also find hexagonal halos, like the HOF hexagonal split shank engagement ring for an updated and unique take on classic ring styles. Mix it up with a double halo two-tone engagement ring and a thin band. Other unique options include the teardrop shape halo ring featuring a center stone and a smaller side stone to fit inside the teardrop shape. Hearts on Fire rings offer an unrivaled brilliance in diamonds along with sophisticated ring designs.

Halo engagement rings at Golden Tree Jewellers

Noam Carver

Noam Carver appreciates gentle and feminine designs, especially on halo engagement rings. The B086-01A ring provides the perfect floral motif to represent your undying love. Round stones are prong set around the center stone to form the delicate floral shape. The B073-01A presents us with a regal and dramatic look. The intricate shapes and patterns adoring the frame pair well with the princess-cut side stones. In the B186-01A halo ring design, Noam Carver plays with the band’s frame and arrangement to create a swirling effect on the halo. Each Noam Carver piece changes the way you thought about halo rings.

Halo engagement rings at Golden Tree Jewellers


California’s Tacori creates halo engagement rings that are elegant and show-stopping. There is no way to miss the shine from this ring no matter what angle you’re looking from. Nearly every area of this halo ring features remarkable and hand-engraved detail. 


Zeghani halo rings pay special attention to detail to make elegant and affordable designs. The ZR1054 under the Vixen collection features deep and dark black rhodium stones encircling the round center stone. These pops of color give the ring an unmissable quality. For a purely white-on-white look, go with the minimalist but sparkling ZR357 halo ring. Zeghani rings offer engagement ring shoppers an assortment of diamonds around the halo and half way down the shank.

Halo ring picks can range from small and simple to large and elaborate pieces of art. Whether you’re looking for a colorful halo or a unique shank, you’ll find plenty to love at Golden Tree Jewellers’ showroom in Langley, British Columbia. 

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