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6 Tips to Help Safely Store Jewellery & Watches at Home

When you’re not wearing your treasured jewellery and timepieces, it’s necessary to keep them at home safely. But what’s the best way to keep them safe and out of sight? Keep reading to find out!

6 Tips to Help Safely Store Jewellery & Watches at Home

One of the biggest issues that jewellery and watch owners have to contend with is the possibility that their treasured pieces will be damaged, lost, or impaired in some way. At Golden Tree Jewellers, we’ve been in this business long enough that we’ve seen unexpected and catastrophic damage befall our customers’ pieces.

However, we’ve also developed a list of helpful tips that will help you keep your pieces safe for decades to come. If you’ve got some bridal or fashion jewellery or a top-quality timepiece that you’d like to keep out of harm’s way, check out the tips below to find out how!

Hide Them Away

You may have already had the idea to hide your collection of gold earrings in your clothes drawer, but did you know that’s one of the places thieves check first? Sadly, movies and pop culture have ruined some of the best hiding places, but there are still some ideal hiding spots: Secret fixtures, manually constructed boltholes, and out-in-the-open decoy containers (like old electronics and tinned goods) still remain exceptional choices.

Be Aware of Visitors in Your Home

It’s always a good idea to know who’s coming into your home and how long they’re going to be staying there. If you’re having guests over who aren’t intimate friends or family, you may not want to leave them alone for long stretches with Grandma’s heirloom diamond necklaces! If you’re having a repair person over, remember to stay in the house and keep an eye on them.

Discreetly Discard Packaging

Think about this: There’s lots of houses in an average neighbourhood. How does a thief know where to rob, given all those options? They’ll check your garbage first, rummaging around for discarded electronics boxes, big gift boxes, and paperwork regarding new jewellery or timepieces. Did you get a new TAG Heuer watch for Christmas? No reason to let unseen rummagers know that!

Get a Trustworthy Security System

A security system can be bypassed by a dedicated crook, but it’s an important first line of defense to keep yourself and your jewellery safe. Some thieves can be deterred by a blaring alarm, and even if they aren’t, it’s helpful to have the police and watchmen able to respond as soon as possible.

How to Safely Store Jewellery

Invest in a Safe

Safes are a mixed bag. If a thief has broken into your home, they’ve already proven they have the time and dedication to just pick up a small safe and leg it. It’s practically useless, in other words, to keep your engagement ring locked up in a tiny safe. If taking this option, you ought to invest in a safe that’s too big to carry off or load onto a dolly.

Buy Jewellery Insurance

When you get a new treasure, whether it’s a diamond ring or Omega watch, it’s more important than anything to have your pieces insured in case of theft or damage. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention’s worth a pound of cure—and if you only follow one of these tips, we highly suggest you follow this one! Find an honest jeweller and trustworthy insurance group to make sure you’re always covered!

Learn More about Keeping Your Jewellery Safe with Golden Tree Jewellers

If you’re interested in a new piece of jewellery or a Swiss-quality watch, or you’d like to find out more about how to keep your pieces secure, get in touch with us by calling (604) 530-7221 or stopping by our Langley, British Columbia showroom today!

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