The Oval-Cut Engagement Ring Trend: Taking Vintage Aesthetics into the Modern Era

August 27th, 2018

The Oval-Cut Engagement Ring Trend: Taking Vintage Aesthetics into the Modern Era

An engagement ring is meant to wow your bride-to-be and proves to them that you want to solidify your love with the eternal bond of marriage. As a result, an engagement ring should be a dazzling spectacle of both light and diamond.

That said, few diamonds radiate quite as intensely as oval cut diamonds. Oval cut stones have fascinated newlyweds and jewellery enthusiasts for centuries, and its popularity is unlikely to change any time soon.

Plenty of designers have incorporated the oval cut stone into their engagement collections, which can make things a little complicated for engagement ring buyers. Fortunately, understanding the characteristics of what makes a great oval cut engagement ring can help you find the perfect piece for your future wife.

Characteristics of the Oval Cut Engagement Ring

When shopping for a diamond to adorn an engagement ring, we tend to imagine that bigger is better. More often than not, the bigger a diamond looks, the more impressed your future fiance© will be.

The oval cut diamond is perfect for anyone looking for a larger diamond for a lower price, thanks to the top surface area. A large oval cut diamond will also have a lesser carat weight than a traditional round diamond of a similar size; as a result, you end up getting more for less.

The oval cut diamond is an offshoot of the round cut diamond, meaning it holds the same magnificent brilliance but with a new and exotic shape. When an oval cut diamond is fit onto an engagement piece, the wearer may notice their fingers look elongated; this is due in part of the oval's narrow shape.

Oval cut diamonds are a sight to behold and are at their best when fit as the centerpiece of an engagement ring. As mentioned prior, there are many engagement ring designers out there incorporating the oval cut diamond, and you should know what to look for before you buy.

What Makes the Perfect Oval Cut Engagement Ring

When searching for an oval cut engagement ring, it is essential to take note of the setting. Out of all of the setting options for an oval-shaped diamond, the halo setting is probably the most dazzling.

In a halo setting, the center diamond is encircled with a cluster of diamonds or gemstones. This setting creates an illusion of size and draws both light and the wandering eye to the center of the primary stone.

Tacori Oval Cut Engagement Ring

The professional designers at Tacori certainly understand and appreciate the effect a halo setting can have on an oval cut diamond. In their Blooming Beauties collection, the oval cut diamond is on full-display thanks to an array of supporting diamonds and stones that make the whole piece pop.

Simon G Oval Cut Ring

Sometimes, designers have to take chances when crafting an engagement ring that is truly unique.

By incorporating rich blue sapphires and using elegant band designs, Simon G's oval cut engagement rings are bound to leave your significant other breathless.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings at Golden Tree Jewellers

You should never go it alone when hunting for that perfect engagement ring. With the help of our skilled staff at Golden Tree Jewellers, you can find the ring that she has always dreamed of.

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