Engagement Ring Trends in 2018: Our Favorite Styles So Far

July 16th, 2018

Engagement Ring Trends in 2018: Our Favorite Styles So Far

How is 2018 halfway over already? It feels like the new year was weeks ago; somehow, winter and spring has flown right over our heads, and with summer here in their stead comes a slew of brand-new ways to make it official with your favorite person on the planet.

Engagement ring trends in 2018 run the gamut, and we're not shy when it comes to picking our favorites. Read on for some truly drool-worthy stuff on our radar.

Marquise-Cut Center Stones

Princess-cut stones are old hat, and the same goes for strictly round stones. Summertime romance calls for something a little more out of the ordinary, in our opinion, and while pear-shaped stones have certainly made a comeback in recent months, our pick for engagement ring trends this season has to be that of marquise-cut diamonds.

One of our favorites is this haute marquise cut selection from Noam Carver's line, below.

Marquise Cut Engagement Ring at Golden Tree Jewellers

Band Details

With so much attention paid to the star of the show, it can be easy to forget how important the band of the ring is to the look the final choice will impart to your style. While eternity rings are always going to be a classic, there is definitely something to be said for rings with delicate details wrought directly into the metalwork; it offers the wearer a subtler type of glam, one that doesn't immediately impose itself on the beholder.

Three-Stone Rings

When it comes to diamonds, the more, the merrier, in our opinion. While tacking them on lodi-dodi can sometimes make for a less-than-subtle end product, we find that the three-stone formula is an excellent way to not only up the bling factor tastefully but also make the center stone appear bigger relative to the two accompanying it on either side.

Oval Halos

Few engagement ring trends in 2018 scream luxe, upper-class lifestyle like this one – the combination is beyond classy, evoking the picture of fine dining on the country club terrace after a long afternoon of tennis, gossip, and mimosas with the ladies.

Something about the slightly deviant cut of the stone elevates the halo around it; it remains true to tradition, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries just enough to show off a little bit of contemporary flair. Tacori's Blooming Beauties collection features many fine examples of gorgeous oval halo rings for 2018.

The Golden Tree Promise

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