A Guide to Men's Wedding Bands: Find the Right Style

August 9th, 2017

A Guide to Mens’ Wedding Bands: Finding the Right Style

Many different ideas come to mind when thinking about men’s wedding bands. Do you imagine a thick band of gold or silver, plain and simple in its design? Or does something similar, yet with a little flair of a diamond or two, pop into your imagination? Traditionally, men’s wedding bands have been classic in their appearance—a precious metal crafted into a wide band with little, if any, decoration or flair. Yet the men’s wedding bands of today are nothing less than exceptional and enjoyable to wear, and at Golden Tree Jewellers in Langley, British Columbia, you’ll find every style, design, and variation you can imagine. Skip the traditional look and choose a wedding band that makes a style statement for years to come.

Here’s your guide to the latest trends in mens’ wedding bands and what to look for as you choose your ring.

Simply Stylish and Classic: Keeping with Tradition

The tried-and-true style of simple metal bands for grooms is still in vogue, but simple doesn’t have to mean boring or dull with the latest in men’s wedding bands. A plain men’s wedding band is ideal for those who prefer to blend in rather than stand out, and it makes a perfect accent for any day, any occasion, any attire. You’ll never have to worry about your stone setting, the hardiness of additional elements, or worry about changing jewelry trends if you stick with simple.

Styles like the CrownRing Classic WB-7007 are truly timeless, available in a variety of precious metals and sparkling with its smoothed surface. Turn simple into a small, subtle statement with a choice like the Tacori Sculpted Crescent 64-7, a smoothed white gold band decorated with scalloped edging. Another traditional choice by Tacori is the Sculpted Crescent 68-6S, a modern-shaped wedding band free of any decorative accents that curves inward for a unique spin on the traditional.

Hammered, Textured, and Carved: Everyday Style

One of the most popular trends in men’s wedding bands is texture. A step above the polished, clean look of traditional styles, bands that feature different types of texture on their surface are growing increasingly popular among grooms. Texture can come in the form of hammering, creating small indents along the band, or different carvings and lines cut into the metal itself. Every textured wedding band is different, and this style can capture a groom’s custom style perfectly.

Combine classic simplicity with the hammered, textured trend in styles like the CrownRing Carved WB-7911 and the Tacori Sculpted Crescent 79-6. These bands incorporate textured features into a traditional-looking band for a balanced look. Similar choices add decorative details around the edges of a hammered band. For an entirely new and style-savvy take on texture, Carlex crafts men’s wedding bands like the CX3-0001WYB, which blends different colored metals into a single ring that mimics the interlocking links of a chain. It’s truly a statement that’s both one-of-a-kind and perfect for the man who wants to be a bit different.

Sparkling and Decorative: A Bright Choice

Men who wish their wedding band to be captivating can choose more decorative rings—the world of men’s bands has grown to include gemstones of every kind, as well as bright and bold accents that make a groom’s ring as impressive as his bride’s. From bling in the form of a line of diamonds to etching to unique shapes, feel free to make your wedding band as standout as your own personality. 

A choice like the Carlex G1 WB-9152 incorporates both texture and shine with a mix of diamonds and links. Tacori Simply Tacori 2550 contains traditional white diamonds.

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